I'm coming back again!

I’ve been off Huel since before lockdown, and gosh, stuff has moved on, when I left I think the BLack edition had just been announced, and now look at it!

And now HOT MEALS! grabby hands

God I’ve missed this stuff, can’t wait to taste that familiar comforting flavour of 3.0 Vanilla, try all the new hot stuff! And a new shaker design, looks funky, but I’m here for it.

I’ll have one of everything!

Oh, I do have one question, Complete Protein powder and Black Edition? Are they similar or is Complete protein ONLY protein whilst Black Edition is just higher percentage of protein?

Oh again, and also, is Mince Pie coming back this christmas?


Complete protein is ONLY proteins (and micro-nutrients). Black Edition is a meal, a complete meal, with micronutrients, but also carbs (not many) and fats - that the proteins lack.

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Heyyyyyyy :wave: lovely to see you again, wow it’s been ages! Welcome back :slight_smile: to what do we owe the pleasure?

Luca has summed it up, but Complete Protein is a high protein snack. The macronutrient split is 11:10:76:3 - only 11% of the energy comes from carbohydrates, 10% from fat, 76% from protein and 3% from fibre

Whereas Black Edition is 17:40:40:3. But both are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, Complete Protein has less per serving (of course, because the serving size is smaller).

Haha it isn’t but love the enthusiasm for Mince Pie/Christmas Pudding flavour Huel as ever!

Lovely to read your message, has made me smile!


I found that physically blending mince pies and gingerbread FB into vanilla powder made an excellent Christmas freakshake - albeit with a waistline shattering calorie count :slight_smile:


Well my operation in 2018 meaning I needed to take it easy with exercise for a year, and then the lockdown… Then I got a promotion into the kitchen then a soft demotion…

Basically a lot of chaos and I can’t wait to taste huel again, get back into shape and get back into long bike/trike rides! I want to be thin and healthy again, and huel helped me stay in shape in the past.


Welcome back!! I’m the same, off Huel for a long while and now trying to get back into it

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Your creativity knows no bounds!

Sorry for the chaos, it’s lovely to have you back. Hope Huel is as good as you remember it!

it’s kept in check only by my blood sugar levels and my surgeons frowns of disapproval :slight_smile:

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Just don’t share your Instagram with them!

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