Bought! :)

Hi Guys,

Just ordered the mince pie flavour so I am really looking forward to having this over the festive period.

I have also ordered 2 more bags of Huel then there are no excuses of ‘running out’ over xmas and resorting to junk.

I have also ordered my one and only fave flavour mocha …I NEVER tire from this flavour :smile:

Initially I was struggling with hunger issues but now? Well i have been focusing on other things and also treating my body with respect and not comfort eating at the slightest problem. If anything normal food (especially this time of year) is not interesting me (which is a first). So apart from the odd meal here and there at xmas parties, as I live on my own, I can avoid all the festive food and start the new year hopefully slim and trim :slight_smile:

With Huel I feel ‘lighter’ as in not having that uncomfortable feeling after eating and I feel I still have more than enough energy for my crossfit etc…

So see how it goes…

Will definitely feed back once I have tried mince pie::grinning:

K xx

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Thank you so much for the message!! Absolutely love this and so pleased we are helping reduce your cravings for unhealthy food and all helping you eat a better diet! Merry Christmas, I know you’ll love the Mince Pie Flavour Boost!

Keep us posted :smiley:

Hi Tim,

I will certainly keep you posted.

I think the forum also helps from sliding back into old ways when you hear other peoples stories/experiences :slight_smile:

Thanks Tim, and Merry Christmas to you too :grinning:
K xx

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