Finally ordered my first batch of huel... now its 40% off lol :/

Well i finally jumped onboard with Huel.

Ordered some vanilla and some xmas pudding for variation.
I plan on doing breakfast and lunch during the week with Huel.
I spend both of these meals at my desk so the convenience sounds very good.

Also i am now allowed to train again after an extended break due to a few injuries.

Can’t belive my luck on the 40% off lol… driver is 1 hour from delivering my first order and i get the 40% off email… :frowning:

Same thing has just happened to me. Placed an order on Tuesday for some xmas pud huel and some bars, get the mail today about the discount, shortly before being delivered.

What is the returns policy for Huel? Tempted to return it, spend the £5 extra and get the exta 14 meals. :frowning:


This is more like it

A nice January sale

Order incoming

Hope it tastes good

Blimey people moan when there is a sale, moan when there isn’t…every day is black mood Friday!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a bit irritating after reading not that long ago that they don’t intend on on doing any kind of black Friday like sales and then this happens.

Is this an offer for existing customers only? Was 50/50 about trying Huel but a 40% off code would definitely push me in the right direction…

Its for anyone

Its on the Christmas pudding flavour

How much did you order

Sale over guys, ive bought it all

Thanks for coming

only one bag (14 meals) which comes to £25. £5 more would have got me 28 meals.

Huh. I ain’t got an email.

Is it really just on the Christmas pud flavor? Cause as much as I love and support Huel, a Christmas pudding flavor sounds disgusting to me lol

Customer service was of no help either. Just the generic sucks you missed out thanks for the $$$. tempted to cancel my subscription to be honest. When this has happened in the past retailers have honored the sale as a good will gesture.

What is the returns policy on unopened packets of huel?

Yep, I ordered about ten hours before I got the email. Bit annoyed!

Wouldn’t be so bad if the discount was say 10% but the discount is so substantial.

Ok I will, thanks for your insight.

This has since been resolved thanks to the great customer service from the Huel team. I look forward to enjoying my xmas pud flavour :slight_smile:


Hey, would you know if the sale is for everyone? I got no email(

I didn’t get an email either? :confused:

It’s already discounted in the store.

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No email for me either. Received my xmas pudding 3 days ago.

It’s a nice discount for anyone else though so we shouldn’t complain.

TBH I did wonder when I had a quick look