Huel Christmas discounts

Is there one ? To say thankyou to their loyal customers

Almost all retailers discount on boxing day etc just like they did black Friday

Come to think of it, did huel do a black Friday sale ?

No further discounts planned, David. We offer year round discounts in our 10% off for subscription, incremental bulk discounts and refer a friend £5 discounts. These can all be stacked as we don’t place any conditions where only one discount can be used :slight_smile:

We didn’t do a black friday sale either.

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Well the first is a subscription, thats just standard practice on anything, subscribe for a longer period and get a discount, so that isnt any special, same with bulk discount

All retailers pretty much do sales on black Friday, boxing day etc

You still make a profit, just not one as large as usual, you dont lose anything

Why wouldnt huel do this for its loyal customers ?

Seems rather selfish and not in keeping with retail traditions done by other companies

You have already slid past black Friday with 0 offers for your customers, you could atleast do one for boxing day

Personally, I would prefer to just have the best price possible all year round so I know how much it will cost me on a regular basis.

All these sales are just a way to manipulate us. It’s all nonsense really. People behaving like lunatics crushing each other just to try and get a TV a bit cheaper. It brings out the worst in people.

If Huel had had a Black Friday sale, would they have run out of stock from everyone rushing to grab as much as they can in one go? What a silly carry on.

You do well to stay away from all the hypey bullshit and keep things straightforward and simple, Huel team.



@archimedes, you’ve made it clear you don’t like the idea of Huel and aren’t interested in buying any. Why would you want a discount code?


I’m not saying we would never do a sale. On the contrary, we recently put our samples down to £1. There are circumstances where sales are appropriate, however companies can get addicted to the increase in individual sales experienced during discount periods. This can lead to us only selling significant amounts of Huel during discount periods.

Also, we like to think that Huel is a little bit different to other companies. Black Friday and January sales are far too normal.

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A retailer is at no obligation to follow a trend set by other retailers. Until just a few years ago, Black Friday passed by nearly unnoticed in the U.K.

Ultimately though, discounts are entirely up to a retailer. The many stores you are offering them will be working at higher profit margins or sales numbers than reasonably new startups in the soylent market, and Huel is already cheaper than most.


Is is just me or is Archimedes here just to troll Huel every single post he makes is having a dig.

Is Huel taking away a rivals business or something and this is there way to get back?

It wasn’t until retailers realised they could discount any old shite (to just above cost) to get rid of it that it really took off.

Discount Sales, despite your beliefs to the contrary, are for the benefit of the retailer, not the consumer. Businesses that have a healthy volume of sales at a steady, sustainable rate rarely see the need to offload their products at a deep discount.

The same goes for advertising. When demand outstrips supply there is no need to advertise to bring in sufficient sales.

In the unlikely event of a Huel “Black Friday” sale the consumer (me in this case) would simply balance out the expected future consumption of the product, the product shelf life, available capital versus potential savings, and make a decision. In my case I would probably raid my savings account and purchase around 6 months’ worth of Huel based on my current consumption and save £££ whereas the benefit to Huel would be none.

That is why there is no Black Friday sale.


Well obviously theyre not going to do a buy as much as you want sale, that doesnt make sense

It makes sense to do a discount on a single order up to 28meals worth, then there cant be any taking advantage.

Huel still make a profit, get increased sales potentially attracting new customers to try, and its a nice thing to do to give back to the customers who supported and grew the product

But theyre not doing it anyway “incase they get carried away and do sales all the time” according to Tim and also because “huel is different to all other companies” lol

You’re absolutely right, Huel must just hate all their customers and be hiding behind these perfectly legitim- uh… I mean… these outright false and blasphemous reasons in a deliberate attempt to actively harm not only their customers’ wallets but also their own business. You definitely know more about the market than they do, and if they have common sense they’ll be giving you a call in a few days begging you to be their new CEO.


Calm down with your crazy reaches, youre the definition of a white knight, but its not even for a girl its for a food product haha

The reasons provided for not doing a sale are silly as ive just pointed out, the reasons stated are that they may become addicted to sales, and huel is different so isnt doing a sale… yet 99% of all other companies are doing sales

Now go on, run to teacher, flag the post, something has been said that doesnt fall into line with everyone else, lets get it hidden

I don’t flag anything other than spam as I don’t believe censorship is a particularly good idea in any circumstance.

The reason I came down so hard in my previous message is because you seem to be making a habit of trying to criticise Huel over anything that you can, even when it isn’t particularly valid. As I’ve said before, I don’t use Huel, I’m just interested in the market. If you were too, you’d know that your statement that 99% of companies do sales isn’t even close to true. Even if we look outside the soylent market, that is a gross exaggeration.

The point of sales, as others have said, is often to get rid of excess stock that otherwise likely wouldn’t sell before it was outdated. With relatively few exceptions, companies that don’t have an issue with the amount of sales they are getting won’t run sales. Those who either have too much stock, or those who want to increase their customer number might. But Huel seem to be doing pretty well right now and might not want that.

I agree that the reasons given by the team (such as running too many sales) aren’t great, although I understand what they mean when they say that. Regardless though, based on previous interaction with you, I know you weren’t intending to buy Huel again. As such, I wonder what possible reason you could have had for starting this thread other than to try to cause trouble.


Worse still, some retailers put out crappy models just for the sales to make it look like they’re discounting their regular kit. Samsung does this - new models appear with similar names/numbers but a slashed spec. For those who impulse buy in sales they think they’re getting a bargain.

I’m not normally a gambler but I’m tempted to start taking bets on how long it is before this thread gets out of hand and gets shut down.

But back to the topic, I think @BenTheBus hit the nail right on the head. Well said :+1:

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Well this turned out not to be true or you might not have known at the time, considering the current sale that is taking place regarding the xmas huel. In fact I just missed out on this recent sale because of this comment.

Hi Antony, I’m really sorry that you have missed out on the discounted Christmas Pudding Huel, I believe Zoe is sorting this one out with you as I type. However, I would just reiterate what I also said:

As you have suggested, we hadn’t planned to discount the Christmas Pudding flavour two weeks ago, but we decided to on the day we launched it - such is the benefit of being a start up. Again, I’m really sorry that you missed out by a day. It is frustrating when people miss out on discount/sales from any retailer by a day or so - it has happened to me before too - but as a consumer we can’t preempt discounts. If a company announced all it’s discounts far in advance then it would simply delay sales.

Sorry for the frustration caused.

Lol sider why are you complaining so much about such a petty amount

Its a tiny little order, one weeks worth, who cares… if you had spent like £500 and missed out then fair enough but a weeks worth !

The sale is still there, so go and buy some more at the discounted price and save money…

Hi Tim,

Thank you for this reply. Yes she has sorted me out thanks for this and I appreciate both yours and Zoe’s help sorting this out for me.

Archimedes - Might not be a lot of money to you but it is to me. After reading your “Actual benefits of Huel” thread I should really learn not to feed the trolls.

Thanks again,