Huel Black Friday SALE?

just wondering if they’re doing any offers for black friday/cyber monday?

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I don’t think that’s a good idea with the current backlog of orders/shortage of stock lol


Also, Huel traditionally haven’t done “sales”, preferring to offer a stable price all year round.


Yep, probably won’t happen.
I wonder if they will launch their unknown product on black friday

Black Huel

No…they might manage to send out a few overdue orders tho!

Or reveal that slim fast has bought out Huel…,.

Thank you for all the out of stock jokes har har har * weeps into hands*

But the guesses are correct, we don’t generally do sales but try to offer savings year-round - free shipping, volume discounts, subscription discount, & your 1st order comes with a free shaker, scoop, & t-shirt.


I hate fake sales. Companies hike prices just so they can drop them for a sale day, and you never know how much stuff is going to cost and you constantly feel ripped off because you bought with a 20% off voucher thinking you were getting a bargain, only to be sent a 40% offer the day after you receive your order.

I much prefer consistent prices and none of this Black Friday New Year Boxing Day Sale Happy Wednesday Special Extra 20% Off the Half Price Sale Sale BULLSHIT SHITE

Okay. Rant over. Thank you Huel for not giving me this stress :+1:t2:

Edit: just noticed this post is a year old :joy::joy:
I just vented for no reason :rofl:
I feel better though
Why though did this thread come up in my ‘latest’ news feed?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Breathe Christina.



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Sales are for companies whose products aren’t good enough to sell themselves :wink:

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