Huel Discount

I have been using Huel for about three months now and I am very satisfied with the quality of the product. However when it comes to the topic of pricing, I find it difficult to understand the company’s strategy…

As long as I have observed there are never any discount or special offers. I am not an industry expert, but I estimate that there are very healthy margins eg for the flavour boosts. Why not offer a “buy 2 get 1 free” deal?

The fact that you only receive scoops with the first shipping is a little odd. I frankly cannot believe that this has environmental reasons. It all seems so"over-optimised".

To sell the shaker for 6 Euro is also pretty cheeky - knowing that Huel probably buys them in bulk on Alibaba for ca 50 Cents a piece. Why not sell them for 2 Euros? This is free advertising for the company!

Anyway, just some of my thoughts. I think it would have positive impacts on business to have discounts, special deals etc. on a regular basis.

We don’t offer any discount codes no, however we have other systems in place. We have loads of ways to get discounts on Huel.

You can Refer a Friend and get £5 off, read this guide -

Or you can subscribe to Huel. This means you will never run out and can have Huel turn up on your doorstep every week, 2 weeks, month, 10 months, whatever suits you! Then you get 10% off!

Or you can simply purchase more. If you order 56 meals you get 6% off, if you order 112 meals you get 10% off.

Or a combination of all of the above to land on the magical £1.33 per meal.

Although I am not privy to Huel’s pricing structure, I do know that our shakers don’t cost 50p from Alibaba! £5 is the cost for them printed, delivered and taxed appropriately. So there’s more to it than that. Compared to many businesses using shakers, Huel is still quite small time and we don’t get the same discounts for bulk ordering as other larger companies.

We all want our favourite products cheaper, but releasing discounts periodically and reducing the price isn’t the right solution for us but we will continue to strive to bring you affordable and nutritious food.


A scoop per order is a total waste in my opinion. A lot of people including me use scales and a kitchen spoon. Huel will send a free scoop upon request so I don’t really think that holds water.

Flavour pouches do seem a little high to me but they do last forever.

Excuse me, sorry for not responding to the scoop point. We don’t include a scoop with every order because it’s just not necessary, the scoops are plastic and will last you a long time. You get two in your first order, one for each pouch, and then you can just wash them up at the end of your Huel supply.

However, if you do need an extra scoop you can easily add this to your order at checkout! Hope this helps.