New discount system

When is this coming into effect? I have been ordering only one product, so this will make my usual subscription much more expensive.

isn’t it saying that the discount is added at the end based on the dollar amount you spend rather than discount multipliers on the same product?

The way how I understood the message is that previously buying 12 bags of huel 3.0 cost me 1.35 euros (adding each additional bag decreased the price), now it is going to be a fixed discount.

It’s another price increase, 16 bags of huel white will now cost around $50 more in total.

Previously 16 bags cost $462.40 now they will cost $510.


Love how they made it seem like it was a good thing in the email X_X

To clear things up, we haven’t decided yet if this will be rolled out to other markets. I will make sure to update you guys, should anything change to the current structure for the UK market.

This literally makes no sense. I usually buy 2 complete protein powders and 1 box complete protein bars (or whatever they are called). Will this go down then??? I really can’t tell from the email sent. Can customer service explain exactly how these new discounts work (as the email isn’t clear). I already build my own bundle so what would be the difference ???

They’ve been discontinued.

I guess if they decide to roll it out here then they will.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have about the discounts, please add them to this thread on the US forum

As Phil mentioned, if we decide to roll out this tier system in the UK/Globally I will make sure to post an update here.

if its for US only at this time then I’ll just ignore it