Huel price increase / subscription

I tried to alter the amount of my subscription which let to cancelation all together. Trying to setup the subscription again. And to my surprise after trying to tackle the website confronted with a 10% price increase. :expressionless:

From €24.53 to 27,-

Location Netherlands

Anyone else experience the same?

Changed my sub earlier today.
More and less of different flavours, glad it worked out well.
Curious what this is about, did you check out for the new sub ?
If so, was the checkout price higher than before as well ?

There’s no price increase on the uk site.
There is a 10% difference between one-off orders and subscriptions - don’t know if this has anything to do with the price increase you’re getting? Is it definitely a subscription that you tried to check-out @Huel ?

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By check out, you mean cash register? The new prices are shown when you start an subscription.

Or do you mean log out of the site? Then yes, i did not keep the browser page open, because i simply wanted to remove my subscription of berry pre mix.

What price do you see?

Hi Christina with a T,

Please find the screenshot attached. If anything i would think with the exchange rate changing it would get cheaper. Overal the e-commerce customer journey and expercience is not on the same level as the product itself.


It doesn’t indicate on the screenshot whether you are checking-out a subscription or one-off order though.

BUT I think I know why you are getting a price difference: there is a discount if you buy more bags in one order. So 4 bags will be cheaper than 3 bags.
If you went in, removed one bag of berry, and left the other three bags in your subscription, this is why the price per bag increased.
The price per bag is cheaper when you buy more bags.
If you don’t like berry but want to keep the price per bag the same, you could add another bag of Original to make up your order

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That would be an explanation :thinking:
If the total amount is lower, the price per bag is higher.

A that’s it! Thanks again Christina I tought the 10% is the only discount you get.

Will try to play around with it to see what is possible. Especially with original.

If the 10% sub discount would be the only discount, Huel would be less interesting
compared to some others if it came down to price only.
You’re talking about €24.53 to €27,- whereas for me it is €22.05 per bag.
If I were to order the same amount from different brands, it will easily be far more expensive.

Yes, but I do believe that if the discount was more clear people would order bigger quantity.

When placing a new order (not adjust sub), there is also a price per meal.
This decreases as you add more bags/flavours.

What do you mean ?
I order 10 bags at a time :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, how frequently do you order? Beside the price advantage less hassle with DPD. :raising_hand_man:t3:

That’s a 4 week sub, but pushed it back a bit now because I’ve been
trying different brands as well lately so didn’t have Huel as much as usual.
Keep in mind, I eat Huel mainly and little other food. :wink:

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