Why the price of Huel powder is changing with the launch of v3.0

Dear Hueligans,

I’m Julian, the Founder of Huel. I’m writing to let you know, as a loyal and valued Hueligan, that we have made the difficult decision to increase the price of Huel Powder from 17th December with the launch of Powder v3.0.

We haven’t put the price up in four and a half years but the point has come where I need to ask you to pay slightly more for Huel as a result which I’m really sorry about.

The good news is that v3.0 is our seventh improvement since launch and our best ever Huel which I think you will love. We have improved the taste and texture, it has all natural flavours, more natural vitamin sources, plus added probiotics and kombucha.

As an example, the price of a 2 bag order on subscription in the UK will change from £40.50 to £45.

Why is it changing?

This is something I have thought long and hard about. Since I first launched Huel in 2015 we have grown a huge amount. It’s something we are very proud of and grateful for and we have always reinvested as much as we could in our product improvements and services to ultimately be able to give you, our lovely Hueligans, the absolute best, whether that’s reduced delivery times around the world, a better online experience and many more improvements.

The team have created this article to tell you everything you need to know about pricing, our new v3.0 Powder and its ingredients.

Thank you for being part of the wonderful global community of Hueligans. Together we are making an impact and making the world a better place. You are the lifeblood of our business, and we hope you continue to stay with us on this next exciting chapter.




Please make sure that should you wish to make any changes to your subscription that all necessary amendments have been made before the next renewal. If you are not happy with the price increase or any of the other changes described above you can of course cancel your subscription by logging in here. But please be aware if no changes are made, on your next renewal you will then be charged the full new price.


Is there a popcorn flavour? I feel I may need some PDQ.


Anything to make sure we will have Huel available in the future. As i learned that Huel is still operating in red figures.

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I agree, but an over 11% increase is quite a hike; not an insignificant amount.


Is that true? Huel is mainly powdered oats and vitamins and were selling it to us for £40.50 for two bags how could they be in the red

(then again tesla sell cars for £100,000 and I think they’ve only recently started making a profit)

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Guessing the R&D is expensive. And convincing retail to buy RTD is also expensive.

If I pay €5,50 for a milkshake I can pay for a huel.


Will everyone receive 3.0 after 17 December? @Tim_Huel

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The price is rise is pretty much in line with inflation, so I’m not too fussed. Obviously no price rise would be better for us, especially those of us with incomes that have totally failed to keep up with inflation. Such is life.

I’m more interested in the changes in 3.0. May contain fish? Does that mean you can’t call it vegan anymore, or is it fine when it only “may” contain it? I try to keep my diet free from animal products, but I also don’t care about contamination, just that the intended ingredients are animal-free.

Improvements to flavour and texture? Is that a significant change that we’ll all be up in arms about, or just a minor tweak? Is Berry not shit anymore?

A larger scoop size? What happens when someone reads outdated advice on the forum and ends up fifty stone in weight and they can’t get out of bed to charge their phone so it goes flat before they can come back to the forum and double check the scoop size and they die and their dog eats them? Have you thought this through?


Don’t listen to him I like berry

Also “may contain fish”
How? Why? I need to know more

No it isn’t, unless you are talking about the time of Huel’s existence. Maybe it will be after the election/Brexit blah…maybe a small increase 2 years ago and another one now would have been better received.

I echo wildducks question

The article makes it clear what date the price increases but does not indicate what date v3 powder will start to be dispatched instead of v2.3.

@Julian could you clarify?

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It contains kelp, which is seaweed. It’s probably hard to make sure a big pile of seaweed has no little tiny fish in it.

Julian said 4 and a half years. I used this thing

And did £40 in 2015. They don’t have 2019 numbers yet but for 2018 it came to £43.56.

That’s because of the kelp and way it’s harvested.

May contain doesn’t exclude products from being labelled vegan. The Vegan Society accredits many products that may contain egg, milk etc. due to manufacturing processes.


I’m not vegan but I’ve noticed my meat consumption has massively reduced since starting huel

Shame the products not vegan anymore


The price doesn’t bother me, but the “improved texture” and ‘smoother’ does. Given the slick texture of the current version I’m a bit worried. I still miss V1.2 and the watery grainy texture, it was like the grains of shredded wheat cereal in the bowl, delicious.

Fingers crossed it works out ok.


Yeah, I wasn’t sure if you were talking about annual inflation or lifetime.

It is, if @hunzas is correct. He’s wrong about almost everything but I trust him on vegan matters.


I’m pleased at the introduction of pre and probiotics into the ingredients and am interested to know how these are going to reach the gut ‘active’ without being in capsule form. Will the addition of probiotics reduce the life of the powder once opened?
@JamesCollier @Julian this may be something you can answer?

I’m also interested in the addition of kombucha. I don’t know much about it… other than I tend to avoid kombucha products as the yeast does not agree with me. Kombucha usually comes as a tea or other fermented drink… can you give info on the source of it, and benefits and reasons behind adding it into Huel?