Why the price of Huel powder is changing with the launch of v3.0

Any release date? I am quite excited about 3.0!

Happy with price rise, I think it’s justified
Happy with everything about Huel but the kelp/May contain fish/ crustaceans is game changing. Any more info available on this? Any options to purchase even one flavour without this? Preferably UU

Just re read some stuff, may have panicked. Still keen to know more!

here is what vegan society states re food and allergen labelling: https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/nutrition-and-health/allergen-labelling-0?fbclid=IwAR2thf9KtGCg8MehC4MYDtb92DFciOHSOt9CcboQUR-AIYFXmVOjBrRXdbI


Thanks, I think I just had a mini heart attack and then received CPR via this update



Sorry to shout, but very unhappy. ‘May contain shellfish’ due to the addition of kelp can be taken to mean ‘WILL contain shellfish/molluscs’ - as dried, crushed kelp is bound to have some.

Please revise the change - go back to the old ingredient. You’ll run the risk of loosing many customers because of this un-needed alteration.

Pricing - meh - 4 years at the same price is OK.


@ChristinaT makes a good point why add fermented tea?

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So what I’m reading here:
You have two weeks left to order your last Original flavour Huel bags!

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The new additions will prohibit me from using huel!!! I feel devastated. How long before it is replaced and how long is the used by on huel? I will try to stockpile but I don’t know what the hell I will do when it runs out, I literally live on this stuff. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!

I’ve not been on the forum long
Is this the biggest announcement huel have ever made?


Well they did announce the existence of Huel one time, so everything is gonna be secondary to that.

I don’t think this is a big announcement anyway. It’s not a new product like RTD or Granola or (please please) nutritionally complete chewing gum.

The “may contain fish” is a potential deal breaker for me too. Why the change? I like 2.3 enough the way it is.

@Julian @Tim_Huel Can we get an official word on where the kelp is sourced from and what is the actual likelihood of containing fish?


Good point. That will annoy a few people.

I think it is a big announcement, they have included several ingredients that affect certain medical conditions, some of which being the reason people have turned to huel. Kelp is the absolute worst for me, a brief bit of googling shows how controversial it is for those with thyroid problems which affect millions. I will pay way more if they reverse this move and don’t add all this stuff!!!

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I still have a bag of V 1.2 under my bed (of all places) - I occasionally cuddle it recounting memories of time past :joy:


The shelf life for unopened bags is 12 months, so you could stockpile quite a lot. Hopefully there’s an alternative product you can switch to that meets your needs. I very much doubt Huel will revert to their current recipe or keep it available. :frowning:

I didn’t mean to downplay your issues. It’s a minor announcement for most of us but absolutely massive for you.

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I’d like to know when the new scoops will be available. From December 17th also? So if I add a scoop to my next subs order after that date, will it be the new scoop?

Obviously I’d prefer to keep the price as is, but I do understand the need to increase it after a long time at the same price.

@Tim_Huel @Julian will the ingredients change be rolled out to the RTDs and bars as well sometime soon, or is this update only for the powder for the foreseeable future?

Is original being killed off? No actual announcement on that, it just doesn’t appear on the list of flavours on the new article.


This would be even more controversial than the addition of possible shellfish :scream: