Confused about the new discount system (Germany only?)

I just got an email announcing a new discount system, which sounds much like what was announced in the US a few months ago.

In the thread here you mentioned, that there would be a new thread announcing this step once it is rolled out to other markets?

From what I see (and read on the US forum) that is a massive price increase for people like me who buy only powder and do so in bulk.
From the conflicting information on the announcement mail and the website here (sorry, German) it should be somewhere between 20% and 45% when buying 16 bags of 3.1.

Am I missing something? Or are you punishing your most loyal customers?

From what I’ve seen it doesn’t appear to be the best. There is a wider discussion about the new discount structure here: Discount structure - Huel. From the cost analysis @Patricius did at the end, (if these figures are still valid), it would be cheaper to now place 4 orders for 4 bags instead of 1 order of 16 bags. I don’t understand how that makes sense myself.

Ah, thanks, I hadn’t seen that thread