Please Make big orders more fair

Sry for the kinda strange topic name.
My problem
I ordered now multiple times over 400€ huel black and love it.
but each time i want to try out some normal huel or other stuff i have to pay the full price.
it would be much loyal customer friendly if i buy huel black for a lotof money and get the cheapest price,
i can get also the cheapest price for normal huel for example, even when i only try out 1 , i have already 15 bags of huel black in my shopcart. so i never tried out anything else. it just dont feel right.

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I get what you’re saying but if you are only ordering 1 other bag to try on an order of 15 black bags – you are effectively getting it for free and then some due to the quantity discounts already applied.

It is a little frustrating when you have a large mixed order of say 5 each of black and v3 – but I just bite the bullet on it because it’s not normal to be offered discounts on food purchases in this way and ultimately I’ll pay less duty than If I had two separate large deliveries.

Do you do this type of bargaining in the grocery store you always pop in for bread? :slight_smile:

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It sounds like what you’re asking is similar to the requests from many here to be able to buy single pouches/have an overall minimum purchase amount. In your scenario this would mean that if you’ve bought 15 x Black Edition that additional v3.0 or whichever counts as the 16th bag and comes at the 16 bag lower price. It’s something we’re looking at but it’s not simple. There would be even more complexity with with this though because how would it incorporate boxes of Bars, or RTD etc? If someone bought 6 x v3.0, and a box of Bars what would be the bulk discount applied on that additional box of Bars.

There’s a lot of variations of what people want to see here.

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Is it a discount for large orders, or a premium for small ones? Depends on your perspective, I suppose.

And you’re getting a bag for free if you order one along with 15 Black bags, but if you want, say, a couple bags of regular powder, a couple bags of Black, some H&S for dinner, and maybe a box of bars for rainy days - you’re missing out heavily compared to just sticking to one type of product.

Perhaps apply a discount to the entire order, rising in percentage as the order grows in value/size? I appreciate the difficulties, but given how much of a difference the discounts do currently it’s really hard for me to justify throwing anything but the base powder into the subscription. Which is especially a shame with H&S which, unlike bars and RTDs which are more of an occasional thing, would work well once a day when matched with Huel powder for the rest of the meals.

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I am with you. I will soon make a 300€ order and I want to try H&S but paying it without bulk discount is a pain at 3,1€ per meal or 34€/kilo which is very high… probably I wont do it right now.

Okay for a trear but not for a regular basis

You could implement this really easy. for example if a customer has over 350€ or even 400€ in his shopcart . all other products gets a price change to the cheapest one.

I dont agree on that. There is a point in between. Instead of giving you the best discount in each category, give the other category of Huel a “contextual discount”.

If you buy Huel at its maximum bulk discount fringe (for example 10th of out 10), give a contextual discount to the other category of Huel (like bars, HS…) an automatic (2th- 3th out of 10).

I think this would generate so many purchases of Huelingans that normally dont buy other categories.