Can we get an easier way to buy different amounts of bags?

Hi all, I’ve been off Huel for too long, but I am coming back!

I am still seeing the same problem I had before with the ordering system though, I would like to buy 6 bags of Huel instead of 4 + 2 separately, for a better offer, I don’t want to have to buy 8 bags then 4 the next month.

Is there going to be an update for this soon?

Going to bump this, since it is a week day now, so might get some replies.

I have subscription, and if I still have plenty of Huel left when the next shipment is due, I can just postpone the next delivery by a few days. Is there a specific reason why this won’t work for you? There was one person who wanted a certain proportion of vanilla and unflavoured Huel which wasn’t workable with the 2, 4 or 8 bag quantities, for example.

I just want to buy 6 bags as that’s how much I need for a month, buying 4+2 is costly as you don’t get the discount.

You can modify how frequently you get your subscription, so get four bags every three weeks, or eight every six weeks.

Again, you wouldn’t get a discount by doing it that way.

The cheapest way to buy Huel is to buy the largest quantity (8 bags at a time) on subscription. If you use 6 bags in one month then that works out at 9 deliveries per year. A quick calculation gives a delivery every 5.7 weeks, so have a subscription for 8 bags every 5 weeks initially and then if you start building up a backlog, just postpone your next (and subsequent) orders by a week or two. This should work, unless there is some detail that you haven’t given us, such as your kitchen can only store 6 bags of Huel and 8 won’t fit, for example. A calendar month is just an arbitrary number of days cobbled together by the history of human culture, and there is no rational need to only order what you need for any given month, unless of course this depends on another piece of hidden information not revealed to the forum.


Ah yeah, sorry, now I feel stupid. Thank you!

The month (four weeks was just done because that’s how often I get paid.

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There are certainly ways around this as described above, but we are working on a system that allows you to choose individual bags, so you could buy odd numbers of pouches and make it easier to mix flavours.


Yes! Perfect!

How long does a Huel bag last for you?

Just under a week. Can make it last a week though. If I went 100% I’d need about 6 bags for 4 weeks. But I have an inhuman metabolism.

A bigger size could be a solution