Savoury Huel Minimum Purchase Stinks!

Minimum 3 Bags?

Dude I want to try it out! I want to taste it. I’ve been a customer for 4 years and you bring out a new product and tell me I gotta buy a minimum 3 Bags?

Let me buy a bag and try it out and come back for more…or do you have so little faith in your product you have to make minimum purchases a thing?

Let us try out a bag. I already got a pile of Huel Black sitting for me to finish. I need space

You’d think times weren’t tight and we could all afford to splurge on 3 bags of savoury at a time.

I wanna mix up my shake and my savoury.

Come on!


Got to agree here. I hoped that as a subscriber of the powder I’d at least be able to order 1 bag of hot Huel to try it. I understand putting this measure in place for new customers, but I can’t risk £50 of food for something I have no idea if I’d like. I know they need to make money, and I understand not offering samples, but as a loyal customer please Huel let me add 1 bag to my next subscription order, I can’t afford £50 powder and £50 hot huel, it’s one or the other, I can’t swap the powder if I don’t know if I like the hot.


I’m glad someone agrees. I still went ahead and placed the sub. And it’s pushed me right onto the edge of my overdraft.

I got bills to pay but I’ll try this out sure.


I won’t be ordering unless I can try one bag unfortunately. Why can’t they limit one bag to subscribers at least?

£50 is a lot to spend on something I might hate.



At least that comes in handy but…they could have told us in the email they sent out…jeez

I totally understand the reason for minimum orders from a business perspective but I do think it would make more sense if this could be made up of a variety of products.

It would make sense if one was able to order one bag of the Hot and Savoury, one of the Black Edition and one of the 3.0 powder.


Yep, I simply don’t need 2 bags of powder and 3 bags of hot and savoury. So mixing it up would be better.

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Also whats makes the 3 bag minimum more annoying is people who got to go to the launch event got 2 free bags of savoury, RTD and Bars plus a £25 of discount code:

I would have liked to have seen some kind of discount / incentive to buy for people or long term subscribers who didn’t get invited to the event.


Currently the minimum purchase is three pouches yes, this means about three weeks worth of meals, allowing you to try each flavour and experiment with different ways to make your ideal Hot & Savoury.
The three pouches means we can offer next day delivery with a 1 hour time slot for UK mainland addresses. You can return unopened pouches for a refund if you don’t like the flavour.

Even better would be the chance to mix and match any 3 bags of whatever.


So if I open the pouch and don’t like the flavour I can’t return it for a refund but if I psychically read that I don’t like the flavour of an unopened bag I can return it?

That’s really pulling the stops out in Covid brother. :disappointed_relieved:

Seriously you guys could easily have let people just order a bag at a time then offer a reduced price for 3 bags.

Next day delivery? Just combine it with the powder subscription and you’ll shift that too.

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Single pouches will be be added to the add-ons page once Hot & Savoury goes on general release, on the 15th Sept.



Thanks for that…

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that’s better, thanks - I will add a single bag of either Hot & Savoury flavour when I buy my next two bags of Black powder; it’s a big leap from a sweet shake to a savoury solid & I too don’t want to chance £54.


The minimum ordering tactics Huel apply are really disappointing, disingenuous and greedy. The reasons given just don’t hold up. Like others have said, just offer discounts for larger orders, or apply a postage cost for smaller orders. One bag is plenty to find out whether you like it. Yes you can return unopened bags but… why not just let people order the amount they want in the first place? It’s really ridiculous.

The three pouches means we can offer next day delivery with a 1 hour time slot for UK mainland addresses.

So I did bite the bullet and order the hot & savoury yesterday, so according to this and your website next day delivery is standard and part of the cost! Yet apparently I’m not actually getting next day delivery at all according to this:

(11:35:38 AM) Stephen: Hi I ordered the new hot & savoury yesterday, shouldn’t I be getting that today? Haven’t had any follow up emails or texts about delivery like usual. Cheers.
(11:35:44 AM) *** Ele joined the chat ***
(11:35:49 AM) Ele : Hey Stephen!
(11:35:53 AM) Ele : Let me just take a look for you
(11:36:58 AM) Ele : it would appear that your order is being held at our fulfilment centre due to some technical issues our team is currently experiencing on a global scale - various businesses have been affected by this, including Huel.
(11:37:17 AM) Ele : the team is working super hard to resolve those issues so that your order would reach you as quickly as possible.
(11:37:31 AM) Ele : I’m really sorry about this!
(11:37:59 AM) Stephen: ok thanks



I just contacted as I have a delay too.

They gave me a £10 discount code and told me it’s likely 48 hours delay…worth getting back in touch for an update.

Thanks I contacted them again and they did offer the discount, but couldn’t tell me when it would be sent so I’ve asked to cancel it now. No point Huel trying to justify minimum orders because of next day delivery when they can’t actually deliver.


Julian responded to this above, you’ll be able to order single pouches from the 15th. The MOQs for Hot & Savoury is inline with our other products.

We’re so sorry about the problems with delivery, but unfortunately it’s totally out of our hands and, as Ele said in this thread, is a global issue with our fulfilment partner. It’s not Huel specific and honestly is just bad terrible timing. Loads of other business have been affected too by the same problem. We’ll be up and running soon.

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Julian responded to this above, you’ll be able to order single pouches from the 15th. The MOQs for Hot & Savoury is inline with our other products.

That’s very misleading to say - you mean as an addon, which means you still need to order in total 3 bags (2 normal Huel + 1 Hot & Savoury).

There are so many threads about this here and on Reddit, I just don’t understand why you don’t listen to your customers and let them buy what they want.

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There are a number of reasons - we try and offer a roughly similar amount of meals at a roughly similar price. Manufacturing, packing, shipping costs among others dictate the best and most affordable price we can offer to our customers while still keeping a sustainable business (it would be no good offering Huel for half price if we couldn’t remain active as a company)!

We would have to completely overhaul the way our products are set up and priced if we wanted to enable ordering 1x unit of each, and that adds a further layer of complication relating to communicating possible shipping fees and charges, and how we best enable customers to mix and match. It is something that our Hueligans are bringing up more and more but it’s not a simple flick of a switch - otherwise we’d already have done it!