The 2 bag minimum is kinda dumb (arguments inside)

Hello, long time U/U Hueler here.

There I was, looking to test the new Banana flavor but I can’t order just one bag. I try to add some bars to the basket to meet the shipping threshold, but still the 2 bag minimum remains. With 1 bag and 16 bars the total would be ~66 EUR. Is that not enough? It feels like a complete oversight IMO and definitely needs to be looked at.

Obvious responses:

  1. If you are a long time Hueler, just get more U/U to complete the order?
  • No. I have plenty of untouched U/U and am not looking to increase my reserve at this time.
  1. Just get 2 bags of Banana, it’s great!
  • No. I don’t trust your taste. People told me that Vanilla is great and I truly hated it.

That’s all for now. Your move, TIM!


I also really dislike new Vanilla and love UU.
I’ve not yet tried coffee or banana.
But I find mint-choc and chocolate are the best of all the flavoured premixes, although both need raw cacao adding to make them less sweet and more chocolatey.
@Jonkki have you tried mint-choc or choc yet? If not, you could add one to your order to resolve your two bag minimum issue.

For what it’s worth, I’d like to see Huel becoming more flexible with orders now they have a much larger range of products than a year ago.
I’d like to see a minimum order value rather than a 2 bag or full case minimum. They could keep the starter pack to being 2 bags plus t-shirt plus shaker, but then allow regular huellers to add single bags as long as their order met a minimum amount, to keep shipping economical.
It would be great to be able to add single bars, single RTDs and single bags of powder to one order so you can get a variety of products. It’s not just so you can try new products before stocking up, but also because the bb date isn’t very long and I personally use a variety of products: powder, RTDs and bars depending on what is convenient for each day, and so it takes me a while to use up a full box of bars or a full case of RTD and they go out of date. They do deteriorate in taste as well once past the date, so I’d rather buy a few at a time.


It is really ridiculous and such a waste of product and money when you up hating the flavour you got. A minimum price rather than minimum product order would be much more sensible. Also samples. Nobody needs a whole bag or box of something they don’t like.


Generally I agree. Starter packs aside, it would be great to have more flexibility when ordering.
I don’t actually mind buying two bags of powder at a time, but in particular would like to be allowed to order less than a full box of RTD or bars. I can now add a single RTD to my order, (but not chocolate?), but not more than one of each flavour! The bars is much the same; they are handy occasionally so I would like to keep a few in, but i’ll never get through a whole box before the bb date.


A minimum order is kind of questionable too. Just let me pay for shipping. Where else are paying customers treated like this?

Lots of online retailers (especially food retailers) have a minimum order value - often between £25 and £70. And then another minimum order value to qualify for free shipping (usually £50-£80 for free delivery, but with the option to pay for shipping for a lower value order).

I can see the need for a minimum order value… to keep the ethos of being environmentally friendly.
It wouldn’t be environmentally friendly at all to ship a couple of bars and a couple of RTDs for example. It wouldn’t cost that much in shipping but would have a large carbon footprint for two meals and two snacks.
But one bag of powder is 14 meals, so add a few bars, a few RTDs, and a box of cereal to that, and in my opinion that’s worth shipping.


As said many supermarkets and online grocers will have a minimum spend. I don’t mind it, just let me choose exactly what I want to order! :slight_smile:

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You can always swap one of the pouches in your subscription to one that you want to try? That’s how our sub system is designed.

Just having one pouch and shipping fee is problematic from a commercial/eComm perspective - do first time customers get that too? If so, who get’s a shaker and t-shirt? If we don’t allow first time customers to only have one pouch (because they need more choice and opportunity to make Huel their way), but do allow repeat customers it becomes tricky.

Valid points though and I’ve passed them on!

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I think the stance on samples needs to be rethought now that Huel have a large range of products and flavours.
When I first ordered a year ago, the choice was original powder, unflavoured powder, new vanilla powder, or berry powder, and flavour boosts, that was it.
It did take a few attempts to find a flavour combo that I liked. So I could then see the value of having two or more full bags to play with. Plus some of the flavours really grow on you - and it’s only after 4 or 5 shakes that you really start to like it. But there’s also some flavours that are instantly winners and some flavours that no matter what you do, you can’t make palatable.
Which ones are which, are different for everyone.

Now there are EIGHT flavours of powder to choose from, plus the RTDs, you could do a starter / sample pack that included:
-200g each (ie 2 small meals) of Coffee, Banana, MintChoc, Chocolate, Berry.
-400g each of original, vanilla, and UU, and a box of flavour boost samples.
-one of each flavour RTD
-one of each flavour bar
-Shaker and T-shirt

Within that selection I’m positive people would have enough to find a flavour or combination that they liked, while getting to try the entire range.

I know samples were tried and tested and proven to not work… but that was a long time ago… before RTD… before all these new premix flavours. I think team Huel needs to reconsider this now. The product range is completely different, and samples would now serve a different purpose: rather than only being one 100g serving to try (and probably not like, because most people don’t like their first ever Huel!), they would be two meals of every flavour: a total of 25 meals (including the 3 RTDs), so plenty opportunity for people to persevere and find what they like.
I’d bet it would have a higher success rate than the current system, because in my experience the flavours really divide people! And with eight to choose from it would be easy to select two that you hate, and never return… (nearly happened to me, luckily my first order was 3 bags and I loved one of them even though i hated the other 2).
I’d say, most people like at least half the flavours on offer. If they had the chance to try them all, I can’t see anyone not finding at least one or two that they love.

Samples have been ruled out in the past for good reason, but the product range has changed so significantly in the last 12 months, this idea really does need revisiting - I believe it would have a different outcome now, if sold as a starter sample box as suggested above, and not single samples.


I got a big discount code for Jimmy Joy recently so I ordered their starter kit box. It’s a pack of 5 bars, a pack of 8 RTD, 3 bags of powder containing 5 meals each, plus the usual scoopy shakey shirty shit. Huel should definitely steal that idea.

Huel don’t make small bags of powder, but they could make a limited number for first time buyers.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: that cracked me up

But yeah everyone seems to be doing it
I love free shit, I’m a total sucker for it, but having been sent free shakers by Huel, SIS, MyProtein, and PhD (even though I didn’t buy any powder to shake, from any of them but Huel ! go figure ?!) I’m now all shakered out :laughing: I also have more scoops than I can use in a lifetime. I’m still trying to figure out why I needed a shaker and 4 scoops with my purchase of sis energy gels :face_with_monocle::joy:


When the sea levels rise you are sorted for raft material.

edit: sorry, that seemed cleverer and funnier before I hit Reply.


I think there’s an easy solution to this. Just make the shaker + t-shirt combo a list item but gray it out unless you buy 2 bags. Returning customers can already make repeated orders with shakers and shirts if they want, you are not currently preventing that all.

Or make a starter pack that includes 2 bags, shaker, t-shirt and the book. You could then specify the flavors with a drop-down menu similarly to how you specify the size of the shirt.

While we’re on the topic, I think the shaker could be a purchasable item anyway, lots of people prefer to have multiple shakers for varying reasons.

@Jonkki you can buy the shakers (frosted or clear) already - they are in the merchandise section of the Webstore :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm. Not on at least.
What site are you looking at?

Hmm I agree, on the Danish site I can see the accessories section (it even has a picture of the shaker bottle in the icon) but there’s no shaker bottle in there for purchase.

However, the title of this topic is kinda dumb (arguments aside)

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I like my women like I Like my threads…kinda dumb (arguments aside).