Dumbfounded by the order limitations, again

Why is it that I can’t add a single box of bars to my order of 2 boxes of RTD.
I don’t care about the “one box isn’t enough for a new customer to know if they like it or not” argument.
Why don’t you care about repeated customers?

Obviously you care, but this is just SO infuriatingly frustrating. Maybe include boxes in the in-basket exclusive offers at least?


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If you create a subscription then you can definitely add a one-off box of the selection bars! (see screenshot)

Not sure why you can’t do this with one-time orders so may be best to get in touch with the Huel contact support team! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the frustration. We have massively improved the ability for you guys to sample Huel, by adding single items at check out for you to add. You can try one of all flavours of our Bars by adding them in at check out, and then once you know which flavours you like you can get a couple of boxes. The Bars have a long shelf life so you won’t be wasting them.

Plz don’t chokeslam us. :grimacing:

The point is, I know I want Chocolate bars, but I only want 1 box. I don’t need to sample anything :P. And the 2 boxes of RTD already qualify for free shipping, so I just don’t understand why it has to be like this.

It’s handy to be able to add things to your basket but I don’t get why we are restricted to how many. Say I want a few Banana RTD’s alongside my order of S&S, I am getting free delivery now anyway, why can’t I order several bottles of RTD instead of 2 boxes? Maybe I don’t have the money or storage at the time of buying.

It’s not an issue if I can pick up the odd bar or RTD bottle from Sainsbury’s but most of the time they only ever have 1 or 2 flavours and it’s never the one I want.

We’re working on something that will help you out, but it’s early stages and not been fully scoped out, it might fail. A lot of this is to do with the complexity on site. Subscription and bulk discounts makes things technically more difficult, amongst many other things. We know this is something you guys want, so leave it with us.


Yeah but we also want to know like the real reason behind it. I mean is it because this way you sell more bars if the minimun order is two? So is it like profit reasons? About that I’d argue that sometimes that takes one aback from ordering one box or one bag if the minimun is two… Cheers