Buying too much Huel?

I have had to delay my subscription because I looked in my cupboard to see 3 unopened bags of shake, 6 RTD’s, 3 H&S and 1 Bar!

This isn’t an issue to stop however, it does raise another question that has been asked a lot on this forum. I would like more bar’s without having to buy 2 boxes and also want to try the new protein shake but again I have to wait for my next delivery just to “add” it to my current subscription. Also will only get 1 bar that I want.

Does anyone else have more Huel than they can consume before their next delivery?

I never buy too much as I either juggle around with subscription delivery intervals or pause subscriptions until I need more products. Or was this not what you meant?

Yeah pretty much. I think with having to order a minimum amount to get another product has lead me to gather too much or FOMO as with the new products that have gone out of stock quickly.

Ah yes, I see what you mean

You got to do what’s right for you (and your wallet) at the end of the day dude. I always make sure that I am right at the end of everything I have and only buy more as and when I actually am going to use it. This means that I do have to pause/edit my subscriptions on the fly which is totally fine!

Maybe the mix ‘n’ match RTD is a test trial for a new ordering system to help tackle this common issue that has been raised by Huel customers.

You’re never going to miss out so don’t worry too much about FOMO. Just because everyone else is buying the new mix ‘n’ match RTD or the powder doesn’t mean you should too.

I for one won’t be buying or trying anything new until I’ve finished my other two bags of black banana cause well, I just don’t need to!!

I definitely have that problem at the moment because I snuck in an order of the new strawberries and cream even though I had a ton of my normal subscription left. It’s nice knowing I won’t have to buy food for a while, but I’m the same as you and the bars disappear pretty quickly, and it would be nice to restock without having to overdo it.

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