Huel Rtd subscriptions

In a previous post think one of admins said subscriptions for rtd will not be affected by shortage of stock.
Looking at my order today seems to suggest 5 weeks from processing or am i reading it wrong?

That’s right; current subs should not be affected by the Ready-to-drink shortage :blush: However, if you believe that your order has been affected, drop us an email at (UK) or (USA) so that we can check this for you!

Thanks for reply @Dom_Huel it was daft me reading next subscription date instead of delivery date.

Let’s blame it on the hot weather! Glad all is in check.

Damn! I change sub all the time according to what I need and I removed RTD and now can’t re-add

Oh no sorry, Jeff! If you reach out to the team at they will see if there is anything they can do. Although I’m not sure if it can be re-added now.