RTD missing in action AGAIN

I posted a year ago in the thread which was discussing the lack of RTD availability. Since when I’ve been buying in stores, and I managed to get a box here in August. Now I see that all flavours except one and all boxes are out of stock. Getting a bit ridiculous, isn’t it? Store-bought cost more, I don’t want a subscription as I mix up RTD and other products according to circumstances …

Why why why and when when when?

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I’ve posted a similar message across a few platforms now so I’m sorry if you’ve come across it before.

One of the reasons for these out of stock issues is the massive increase in demand, from you guys and from retailers too. As this range has increased in popularity we’re currently racing to keep up. It’s great that so many people want to get their hands on our RTDs, but not when it means our most loyal customers are impacted so we are sorry for any disappointment this has caused.

Ready-to-drink is a more technically difficult product to produce, label and distribute so availability is affected on our product page but also with our bundles too. We know this can be frustrating but we ask that you please bear with us while we work on it.

What does this mean for you?
Usually when we are low on stock we will first make sure our subscribers have priority by turning off the product on site for single purchases. If we do run out of stock we will then switch your flavour to a different one. Clearly we can’t, and wouldn’t, just make that change without letting you know, so many of you will have received emails notifying you of this. If this change isn’t suitable for you, just let us know and we can help you out by changing to a different product or pausing your subscription until your favourite is back.

When will you be able to get RTD again?
As we get more product we will again prioritise people with active subscriptions first before bringing the product back onto the site, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more. It may be a few weeks to months of disruption while we smooth out some operational challenges, but during that time we do expect some flavours to come back, likely our best-selling flavours first.

Rest assured, the team is also beavering away in the background on a number of initiatives to reduce the risk of out-of-stock issues like this happening in future. Our new manufacturing site is currently in progress, and will massively help us increase capacity and accelerate production of Ready-to-drink once it’s up and running early next year. As we continue to grow as a business, our production and operational capabilities will only get better and better. If you have any general questions, please drop them below. We won’t be able to answer specifics on when x flavour will be coming back in stock, but we would love to answer as much as we can.

I hope that answers your concerns, but if you had any other questions at all, please ask away and again we’re so sorry this is happening at the moment.

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A subscription would not prevent you from doing this. I do this all the time.

Hi Charlotte

I had my subscription swapped to another flavour which unfortunately I’m not keen on without an Email being sent out informing me that it was out of stock and asking would i like x flavour instead.
Currently stuck with £100 worth of RTD i dont want i have contacted customer care team and waiting on reply at moment.
It shows on my subscription that it was swapped but it’s something i never check on usually as having it a long time it’s always been the same.
Only noticed the subscription change obviously once a different item was delivered.

HI @keva67, i’ve had the same problem as well with my last few orders and not just rtds. I noticed the change on my last subscription for rtds before it left the warehouse and customer care were able to stop it. Customer care have been excellent dealing with my wrong orders lately but I was never emailed beforehand to let me no of the changes which were items that I dont buy. I have managed to pick up a few rtds today but they are getting so much harder to source. :face_holding_back_tears::thinking:

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Hi Val

Yes got to echo your experience with customer care team every interaction i have had with them has been such a pleasant experience a rarity these days with companies.
On the Email being sent out i think huel could save themselves alot of messing about by just sending notification email before changing order.
I have had mine so long never check it will in future though.

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I Found the notification email in junk folder after good interaction with customer service (which I’ve always found to be the case). Doesn’t help the fact that the only Huel I currently have is 24 bottles of Choclate which I dislike (a lot). It would be really useful to know when the other flavours are going to be restocked!

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Out of curiousity - are the RTDs (or other products for that matter) produced in discrete batches with days (weeks?) in between? Or are they constantly being churned out? Don’t know if that’s commercially sensitive info.

Is there a rough date for when RTD will start to be available again?

I went into an H&B in Greenock in Scotland today and they had all the flavours at 3 quid a go. Blame those feckers,

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Early December, according to an email sent to (some) RTD subscribers.

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No exact date, but as communicated in a recent email we are hoping subs can be filled again in December.