Where are all the RTD?

How come you can’t order any ready to drink? I literally went on a few days ago and everything is stock but now nothing is available?

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Yikes. Yes they were pretty much all available on Friday when I ordered

I know that’s when I looked but thought I’ll wait till after bank holiday cuz they won’t get shipped till tues probably, but what the hell!!!

Oops. As I said in my post yesterday I ordered on Friday and could have had it delivered yesterday which was a surprise.

@Tim_Huel can you help with why in 2 days all RTD is unavailable :fearful::fearful:

Dear RTD lovers,

We are currently facing production challenges that are affecting global RTD production. Unfortunately, this means that we had to make the difficult decision to make RTD unavailable on our website :broken_heart:

We know how important RTD is to all of us, and are working tirelessly behind the scenes to have it back in stock as soon as possible.

As soon as there are substantial updates on the situation, I will pop back into this thread to keep you guys and girls informed :pray:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience and understanding as we get this situation sorted.

In the meantime, you can still find Ready-to-drink in stockists across the country, and you can find your local store here :point_right: Huel is available in-store! Find your nearest shop now.


Excellent news. It’ll be like that Prime energy drink thing where supply can’t meet demand/hype. I’ve raided my local stores and there’s now plenty on eBay at a tenner a go.

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That’s what really p!$$ me off the ridiculous price that they get sold for when your unable to buy them direct, if they are always gonna have supply issues with RTD then what’s the point!

@Dom_Huel i don’t understand tho I remember not too long ago you had supply issues of the RTD and ppl kept asking for a date and you couldn’t provide one, how has it happened so soon so quickly again?
Maybe prioritise being able to sell them yourself instead of to Tesco/co op/sainsburys/Holland & barret.

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Lets be honest here looks like Huel have prioritised retailers over subscriber’s and web sales.
I suppose you can’t blame them if as a business you can sell thousands of rtd to retailers rather than the slower sales of web based customers it makes sense as a business.
Unfortunately taking this approach upsets your regular customers.

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Well yeah I just looked back tho and oct/Nov last year they were struggling with RTD stock and a mere 6 months later the same issue with never an ETA of when it may be sorted :frowning: so if they cannot get sorted what causes this issue to keep up with demand…what’s the point in constantly selling/marketing a product, do ppl really wanna buy something they have to either stock pile hundreds of quids (which vast majority can’t afford) or wait months for them to be back in stock again….rant over :tired_face: I personally cba have to keep checking

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Although there have been some challenges within the global supply chain over the last 6 months, we have managed to maintain over 98% stock availability, I’m sorry this seems like we are out of stock often. The issue we’re facing currently was completely out of our control and something we’re working really hard to resolve currently.

If you would like to be put on a list when your flavour is back in stock you can do this by emailing team@huel.com.

Retailers have reserved RTD stock, as they sell their existing stock, therefore it appears they have more stock. Subscribers will always be our #1 priority. We have reserved stock for our subscribers to allow us to fulfill their orders whilst we rectify the supply chain issue. We know it’s really frustrating and we are working as hard as we can to get back in stock everywhere as soon as possible.

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I can’t help feeling that perhaps Tracey and Kevin are perhaps being a little ott about RTD being temporarily out of stock. Be more kind, people :heart:


Ok so people are allowed to moan about flavour changes, version changes, don’t even get me started about all the ppl unhappy about the change in mac & cheese, but we are being OTT in getting frustrated as to why they are all out of stock again, as a customer I am trying to understand why it happens and keeps happening & have every right to ask, I haven’t being nasty about it, it’s a legitimate question as to why just like it was a legitimate question from other people 6 months ago when they were out of stock all the time, so why you giving out the hate to just this all you had to do was keep scrolling as huel had responded :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Yes, I think your questions are legit. It could be out of stock for a while.

Not particularly as a business to have no stock of a product is pretty poor in my opinion they have obviously over sold to retailers leaving web orders short.
As a customer if you now want some rtd you face an increased retail price as oposed to ordering direct.
Therefore all you will do is drive customers to other brands who are unhappy paying retail price.
Not sure what is ott about pointing out the obvious.

This was not the case, we had an issue with production with led to the out-of-stock issues we’re experiencing. As we’ve said subscribers will always take #1 priority and we’re working really hard to try and get back in stock as soon as possible.

Our retailers had reserved RTD stock so they were able to continue to sell RTD whereas the stock we expected for web orders was no longer possible, hence moving this to subscribers only. We wish we weren’t experiencing this issue and we really do hope we’re able to get back on track soon.

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Perhaps @keva67 you could “point out the obvious” without being unpleasant? :slight_smile:


Hi @tracy24582, accusing me of “giving out hate” is a pretty standard trolling tactic, since I’ve been quite polite.

Therefore, you are a troll and I claim my £5 :grimacing::grimacing:


Perhaps you can point out the bit where i was unpleasant :wink:.
If stating it’s poor for a company to run out of it’s own product guilty as charged.

Have you actually read some of the forum chats on here, people have complained about about changing of ingredients, displeased about removal of certain ones, changing flavours, how is us theorising where they have prioritised supplying to count as “nasty”, if huel won’t specifically state what the problem is…guess what ppl draw their own conclusion.
I think you need an education on what counts as “nasty” and is just statement or observation, or just stop being so hyper sensitive over everything

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