Exciting RTD news!

Hey Hueligans, we’ve got some great RTD news for you! We know it’s been a tricky few months for our Ready-to-drink fans. Back in December 2019, due to high demand, we had to temporarily move production to a different facility to ensure all orders were fulfilled.

Despite it being the exact same recipe, we know that many of those in the UK who experienced those changes didn’t enjoy this foil capped version as much as normal. We are sorry about this.

As you know we pride ourselves on being transparent with you guys. To bring you up to speed, we have been working super hard behind the scenes to get things back on track for the UK and have recently moved and started producing at a new factory.

To be sure that you guys will love it, we have done extensive pilot trials and taste tests on this new RTD and it beat the original Ready-to-drink that you once knew and loved!

As of today, the UK will be receiving this new RTD. We’re excited to bring it to you and hope you love it as much as us. For those in the EU, you won’t have any change for the moment and will continue to have the RTD you’ve always had for now.

If you have any questions, then let us know!


How can we be sure any new orders will be the “fixed” version? Surely you have some stocks of the dodgy version you need to offload?

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Good question! The date of the switchover has been moving depending on our stock levels, we’ve been waiting to run down stock sufficiently until we have started sending out the new RTD.

But yes, there has been a small leftover supply, there are the version we still sell in Europe so it will be sent on so there’s no mix up. We also gave some of this leftover RTD to the staff at our fulfilment centre :blush:

If you order from the UK store today you will receive the new version of the RTD.

Hello Tim,
What bottle design have you used for this new production? I know I wasn’t alone in finding the return lip on the foil capped bottle quite unpleasant to drink out of.

The new RTD bottle won’t have a foil lid and has a lip like the old RTD - so it isn’t slightly curved. Apologies if that doesn’t quite describe it correctly.


So is this a completely new RTD formula? ie not the US version we used to love and not the EU version some people didn’t love?

So why not fix this new better awesome version for us europeans too? When are you planning to do that?

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So that’s exactly what it isn’t. Same formula, same recipe. But it’s made in a different facility and therefore inevitably tastes slightly different. After extensive taste tests, we think it tastes even better.

The messages we’ve received about RTD have been complaints about the change, Hueligans from the UK preferring the taste they were used to - not that this EU one was some inferior product. We haven’t received complaints from Europeans about their RTD, so for now you guys will experience no change. However, this may be reviewed as it would likely make everything easier to have one facility - but nothing has been confirmed there.

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Oh. Okay. :blush: :woman_shrugging:t2:. Thanks for clarifying :+1:t2:. I look forwards to tasting it :yum:

Well IF it tastes better it should be changed for us europeans to. IF it is really the same receipe it shouldnt be Hard to make the process the same to have a similar produkt for Europeans too?

Taste is subjective though…many Europeans have more sophisticated tastebuds than the Brits who are raised on muck like pasties, haggis, whelks, laverbread and farls. You wouldn’t like this version of Huel.


I must be broken as I couldn’t even tell the difference apart from a very slight texture change!!
I am northern though. The gravy I liberally apply to everything has obviously taken its toll and rendered my tastebuds ineffective.


No - they’re working fine :joy:


This is a super big assumption because that same process requires the same equipment, temperatures, times etc, which all depend on what the manufacturer has available. RTD is a relatively niche food product and to meet the high standards that we have in the quantities we require is not easy and that’s before we move on to the topic of taste.

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It’s often hard to understand the complexity of creating and delivering such a product when all you see is the end result

Just to be clear is there any difference other then the facility its being made in and a slight flavor change?

Bottle will look a tiny bit different. It’s slightly glossier than the main RTD you’ve been used to.


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That’s great news, will definitely be giving RTD a try again! :blush:

Having read team comments saying EU/UK tasted the same and we were all going mad… I’m dubious, but ready to be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

Got my order of RTD this morning, and pleased to say it is great and similar to the older US ones. I’d stopped my subscription when we started getting the EU drinks as i found them undrinkable.

Will happily restart my subscription now though - thanks huel :slight_smile: