Huel Ready-to-drink Recipe Change?


I’ve been using Huel ready to drink for a year now and have noticed a change to the bottles but also a change to the taste (not in a positive way)

Has there been a change to the recipe? Work colleagues and my partner have also said the same thing

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There are lots of topics on this. The product in the UK is actually made in the US. The recent bottles with the change in taste and change in packaging is from the EU. Both use the same recipe, but have different production methods. Huel have had supply issues and will have the US version back in stock in the UK for end of April. Until then we have to put up with the EU version.

I agree it tastes absolutely vile.

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Thank you for getting back to me, that annoying though! Just bought 24 of them

I’d noticed the same, have a stack of Berry ready-to-drink but it’s a struggle to drink it, really doesn’t taste good. Glad someone asked the question!
How will we know when it’s gone back to the old production approach? Might hold off on ordering till that’s been done.

Good to know about the reason for the change in taste. Its pretty horrible. I got a mix of old and new: old vanilla (yum) and new berry (not so yum). Its very grainy. Thats the main reason I go for the ready drinks. They are soo smooth. Just not this interim version. May take a break till this is sorted.

Hi Claudia, I’m experiencing the same issue. The latest two batches, which I get on a monthly subscription are awful! Gritty and tastes different/bad. I’ve just complained and asked if I can return them. I’m waiting for a reply.

Hi, do we know if this is sorted yet and back to the normal taste? Don’t want to order again without that confirmation.

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Cool thanks Phil