Huel Ready-to-drink Recipe Change?


I’ve been using Huel ready to drink for a year now and have noticed a change to the bottles but also a change to the taste (not in a positive way)

Has there been a change to the recipe? Work colleagues and my partner have also said the same thing

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There are lots of topics on this. The product in the UK is actually made in the US. The recent bottles with the change in taste and change in packaging is from the EU. Both use the same recipe, but have different production methods. Huel have had supply issues and will have the US version back in stock in the UK for end of April. Until then we have to put up with the EU version.

I agree it tastes absolutely vile.

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Thank you for getting back to me, that annoying though! Just bought 24 of them

I’d noticed the same, have a stack of Berry ready-to-drink but it’s a struggle to drink it, really doesn’t taste good. Glad someone asked the question!
How will we know when it’s gone back to the old production approach? Might hold off on ordering till that’s been done.

Good to know about the reason for the change in taste. Its pretty horrible. I got a mix of old and new: old vanilla (yum) and new berry (not so yum). Its very grainy. Thats the main reason I go for the ready drinks. They are soo smooth. Just not this interim version. May take a break till this is sorted.

Hi Claudia, I’m experiencing the same issue. The latest two batches, which I get on a monthly subscription are awful! Gritty and tastes different/bad. I’ve just complained and asked if I can return them. I’m waiting for a reply.

Hi, do we know if this is sorted yet and back to the normal taste? Don’t want to order again without that confirmation.

quoted from similar thread…

Cool thanks Phil

Hey, I wanted to see if the Huel RTD is back to the original consistency and taste?

@Tim_Huel @Dan_Huel - might be a good idea to start and pin a thread covering supply topics with regular updates on:

  1. When RTD for UK will switch back to US rather than EU supply. Last update I could find said April, but not when in April and nothing to say this has or hasn’t happened.
  2. When each 3.0 flavour has switched to kelp free versions. I saw an update that said Berry and UU had switched, but no updates since.
  3. Current delivery delays due to COVID-19 related demand increases. Understand this is currently 2-3 days?

I know you recommended to keep checking the forums, only people keep asking the same questions in different threads and it’s difficult to keep track.


That’s a great idea, I really want to get back onto RTD but can’t stomach the EU supply :frowning:

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I received some Chocolate and Mint Chocolate yesterday and can’t see any mention of Kelp on the pouch.

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Thanks Carly.

There’s not really any need to provide constant updates on this, we’ll just tell you when there’s a change.

I will update the thread.

We put notices like these on the product pages, just underneath the add to basket button - that just means there’s one source of truth. At the moment there are no CV related delays in the UK or Europe, but clearly due to the Bank Holidays some orders wouldn’t have been picked and packed. The only places with delays are the USA (3-5 day delivery) and Japan.

Hope that helps!

I just started my first batch of EU RTD. It is totally disgusting. I’ve always noticed a fair bit of variation between the taste of batches and how well they tend to last over time, but this is ridiculous.

Although the consistency is much smoother than normal (which is good), the flavour is foul - tastes like milk that’s gone off and is not sweet at all. I have barely been able to drink the first bottle of ‘berry’, I can’t see how I’m going to get through another 24. @Tim_Huel what are we supposed to do with these supplies of a product that has totally changed without warning and, to my mind at least, is undrinkable.

I’m going to have to cancel my subscription what we get each time we renew is going to be so unreliable.

I agree there’s no need for constant updates, but I was just raising the fact that there has been no update since the original information that you expected it to switch back in April. A couple of people have asked when you expect this to happen as we are halfway through April and no news on when in April this might be. The request is coming from a positive desire to place new orders I think so an update would be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, didn’t want to come across as a nag but there seem to be a fair few people asking for the same info across multiple threads so I thought it might be useful to collect the information in one place. Saves you responding multiple times in multiple threads :wink:

Hey guys, really want to keep you in the loop on this. We’re still working hard on the RTD and are well aware how much inconvenience this has caused many of you. Our last update told you end of April. I want to let you know that this has moved slightly, but hopefully only by a few weeks. I’ll try and keep you updated. Once it’s back we will give you a full update too.

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How about us Europeans? Im from Sweden, so I Will Still get the bad versionen even when this is sorted out?

Do you think it’s a bad version? From what I’ve heard, most of the people that have always had the foil capped RTD, enjoy it. It’s those that have experienced a change that don’t? If you’ve never had the RTD there’s a strong chance you would like it - but that’s up to you!

I’ll be able to update you fully soon.

Got my first delivery of the new UK batch this morning and resumed my subscription, back to tasting nice again :smiley: