Ready mix Vanilla flavour

Please can I ask what has happened to the ready mix Huel Vanilla flavour. It arrived in different (more colourful) bottles on the last order and the taste has changed again unfortunately. I know Huel moved production once before and it led to complaints so moved it back to the original recipe which was much better, but this new variation is honestly not that pleasant. Any else find the same thing?

Hey Steve, you’re right we have made changes to the Vanilla RTD and also that RTD has experienced a number of changes. A bit of a timeline for you:

  • Originally our RTD in the UK and USA was made in one place, and anything for the EU was made in a different place - the flavours of these products were quite different
  • Around the end of 2019 we went out of stock in the UK/US and had to fulfil a variety of UK/US orders with the product made in the EU (I believe this is what you are referring to when you say…)
  • To get all our RTD tasting the same we moved production back in March 2020 but we were never quite happy with the flavour. This is likely what was happening when you say:

But, although similar, it did taste different. Vanilla is historically the flavour that picks up the most complaints and this 3rd place is no different.

So this month (June) we revamped the recipe (actually revamped it this time) and emailed all subscribers to let them know. Forgive me, I will copy paste the email to make sure I don’t miss anything:

We will be replacing the existing recipe with a revamped one, although it will still state v1.0 on the packaging. We estimate that the switchover will occur between the 11th - 16th of June.

  • What are the changes?*

** A new and improved flavour - think sweet, melted vanilla ice cream.*
** Removal of artificial flavours - now we have only natural flavourings*
** Chicory root fibre replaced with soluble glucofibre*
** New packaging design*

When will you see the new Ready-to-drink?
The switchover date is estimated to be between the 11th and the 16th of June. Here is a simple way to tell if you receive the old or new Vanilla Ready-to-drink:
OLD: Existing packaging design & Best Before Date of July 2022 or before.
NEW: New packaging design & Best Before Date of August 2022 or after.
As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch at and we’ll be happy to help.
Team Huel.

I hope that makes sense. There is a variety of different interpretations of what ‘vanilla’ should taste like, this new RTD is a sweet, ice cream flavour, but if you are used to the older flavour then it will taste different, and if you aren’t a sweet tooth it might be too sweet for you and other older RTD loving Hueligans.

Just wanted to throw in that I got a new vanilla recently and loved it. I also love the old one. I would gladly live off any of the RTD flavours forever, they’re all amazing.

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Honestly - I didn’t even notice the change - I just assumed it was a design update to bring it inline with the Complete Protein branding,

I’ve been waiting for RTD to restock before my next order, is this revamp why it’s not available online at the moment? I buy way too much RTD in Sainsbury’s so decided I should just subscribe and save money (and the endless 7am trips to Sainsbury’s for huel and crisps for work). Pls huel let me buy online again, Sainsbury’s think I’m weird :cry:

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I don’t believe so. Fingers crossed for a restock next week I believe. Subscriptions are still being fulfilled, but I know this doesn’t help you, but once you get subscribed it will :raised_hands: We’re working on it, sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m printing out this quote and sending it to my lawyer, you will be hearing from us if they’re not back in stock.

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