Chocolate RTD changed recipe

Ordered some Chocolate RTD after it being out of stock for a while and it tastes completely different. I didn’t really get much chocolate flavour at all, and had a bit of an odd taste too it. I thought it might be a faulty batch but after contacting Huel it seems they’ve changed the recipe. It’s a shame cause Chocolate RTD was great and a long standing favourite and I’m disappointed the flavour has been changed. Can we have the old flavour back please! Has anyone else experienced this?

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@Tim_Huel can you confirm RTD chocolate has changed. I am a big fan of the existing flavour and texture.


Let me check in with the new product development team for you! :+1:

@Clara please could you let me know what the batch code was? This is printed on the top of the cap. Feel free to send a photo if easier :blush: It is an L followed by 4 digits i.e. L1234

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@Tim_Huel Yes of course, it’s L2003

I’ve checked in with the NPD team, sorry for the delay, we wanted to know whether your batch had any small issues which might have contributed, but L2003 is fine.

There have been some changes made to the Chocolate Ready-to-drink (and Berry)

  • Removal of artificial flavours - like we did with vanilla - so now all RTDs use natural flavours
  • we’ve mellowed out some of the off-favour which comes from pea protein
  • The team have also changed the flavour profile from the darker, slightly musty chocolate flavour before to a more creamy milk chocolate with some caramel notes too

Another smaller benefit is that we believe these flavours will now be able to be halal certified, although I’m not sure this is confirmed yet :raised_hands:

I believe that all Hueligans who were currently subscribed to Chocolate RTD were emailed about this flavour change (even if you are not opted in to marketing)

Hope that answers your question, you aren’t going mad don’t worry!


@Tim_Huel ah ok, thank you for clarifying. Can I ask if this is a permanent change? As much as it’s great you made some adjustments to using natural flavouring and changing the flavour profile, it’s just a shame that the chocolaty-ness would be changed, I just don’t think the new flavour tastes very chocolaty

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Nothing is permanent in product development :blush:

Will the new flavours be available in store also in Sweden? I ask because we have the old ones att “Ica Maxi”, but I cant eat sucralose, and want to try the new ones without. And of I like Them it would be nice to causually buy them from time to time in my store. Tom, do you think I can ask them to get the new flavours from you?

I don’t think sucralose has been removed. The four newer flavours don’t have sucralose but chocolate is one of the original flavours and Tim’s post above says a move to natural flavours, not natural sweeteners.

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Hi @Tim_Huel can you confirm the last batch number when the change was made. I would like to by a test bottle form Sainsbury’s before going ahead with another large order of chocolate RTD.


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I know that there is still sucralose in the old ones. My question was if they will be selling the new flavours wirhout sucralose in the store also? And if they will consider to remove sucralose in the old ones also in the future?

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I bought a bottle of chocolate RTD from Sainsbury’s yesterday (batch L1349) sadly the flavour is very different to my last batch L1306 which was my favourite of the RTD flavours.

I have three bottles left of L1306 chocolate having bought 8 x boxes in November 2021.

In all the photos new chocolate RTD is on the left hand side.

Flavor - If I had not known L1349 was chocolate RTD I think I would have called it custard milk flavour.

It tastes ok but I miss the intense dark chocolate that batch L1306 had. L1349 has a synthetic aftertaste which I can’t place. (Perhaps Birds custard with cocoa powder mixed in, but I am still not sure) Can anyone else place the aftertaste?

Version - Is listed as 1.0 the numbers remain the same on both bottles but the ingredients are different. I think given the significance of this formula and taste change a version change is warranted. e.g 1.1

L1349 lists Tapioca Maltodextrin instead of Tapioca Flour. Only Banana RTD has Tapioca Flour now. Chicory Root Fibre is no longer listed. Perhaps the other original RTD flavours have also changed?

Texture - is the same, very, very smooth.

Colour - L1349 looks slightly darker despite that fact that it does not taste like dark chocolate.

Would I buy this new version again probably not, I really enjoyed the chocolate hit the old RTD gave. It was my healthy alternative to a bar of chocolate fix.

I am disappointed that the change was made without letting customers know. Thanks to @Clara for sharing, without you I would have bought 8 boxes for a completely different tasting product. This for me is as big a change as Original to New Vanilla :frowning:

p.s - Looking at the at an older bottle (L1342) of Vanilla RTD it seems the ingredients have also changed when comparing to the ingredients listed on the website.


@Peas I totally agree, I couldn’t place the flavour either, I would’ve said it tasted almost like vanilla with a hint of chocolate but your right it’s kind of custardy with a hint of cocoa is spot on, nothing like the rich chocolate it was previously. I hope they can change the flavour to its original chocolaty-ness!

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Hi @Tim_Huel can you confirm which flavours have changed?


Vanilla saw updates late last year, and Chocolate and Berry are currently in the midst of updates. :+1:

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The greatest huel product of all time has been changed? :confounded: That stuff was 10000/10, no change could improve it because it was perfection. Im curious to try the new version but I will miss the liquified brownie of old.

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chocolate was a no win for them - a lot of vocal people who didnt know what chocolate actually tastes like complained that it didnt taste like a chocolate bar and now thats its changed - people who did know what chocolate actually tastes like don’t like it either :slight_smile:


Well I got one of the new ones today from Sainsburys (batch 1349) and I don’t know if my tastebuds are just garbage but it tasted the same to me :joy: I was mourning the death of my favourite flavour and it turns out it’s still here. Still chocolaty and still delicious so I’m happy.


It’s a shame because I really enjoyed Chocolate RTD, whereas the powder tasted disgusting. I haven’t tried the new formula, but I hope it still tastes better then the powders

L1306 was the last batch of old chocolate. You will know you have the new Chocolate RTD by looking at the expiry date - if it is March 2023 or later, it is the new chocolate recipe.

That’s not the case. Active subscribers to Chocolate RTD were emailed about this :+1: