Huel RTD changed?

Purchased a bottle of Huel from supermarket and it seemed very different have UK not got recipe right if production has switched here.
Noticed straight away consistency very watery tasted different and powdery don’t normally have this with RTD.
Thought i had out of date bottle so checked and no use by date on cap so checked rest of bottle.
Noticed labelling different and this bottle was produced in UK not Germany hope this is not going to be normal going forwards as it was immediately noticeable and in all honesty was not very nice at all.
Just to add i noticed the considerable difference before noticing bottle normally have enough on my subscription but was running short.

It sounds like it hasn’t been blended correctly in manufacturing TBH – might be wise to mail the CS team with the batch number for them to look into it.

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As Phil said this doesn’t sound quite right, if you could please reach out to the team at we can look into this for you and see what has happened.

Hi Charlotte/Phil

I did contact them and they where great as customer service goes still wondering if it was due to them being manufactured in the UK as it’s strange ,quality has always been consistent with Huel produced in Germany.