RTD off batch

I’ve been drinking Huel RTD for 2 months, and love the taste of berry flavour.
Suddenly my last delivery tastes off. It’s way different so I thought something is not right with it. It is so bad it isn’t drinkable. It also smells off.
Help @Tim_Huel

Hey there, thanks for the message. Sorry to hear this, that doesn’t sound right. Could you DM me with some information?

  • Batch number
  • Best before date (both these can be found either on the top of the bottle cap, or on the neck of the bottle; feel free to take a photo instead)
  • Your order number

What I need you to do is send me the box of Huel RTD. I know this is a pain, but it’s absolutely essential. I would say of the few people that report stuff that needs to be investigated we receive back about 50%. The Quality team cannot launch an investigation without the product.

  • Post the case of Berry RTD back to us, with a note explaining who you are and where you have communicated with us . Please don’t just send the bottles back with no message, it will get lost as no one will know what it is in reference to. We will reimburse you for the postage of course.

The address is:
FAO Tim Urch
Unit 6, Icknield Way Industrial Estate, Icknield Way, Tring HP23 4RN

Once we have that information we can start an investigation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tim the OP said RTD, not powder. Sort yourself out man :wink:


He got half the message right, then started dreaming of the pub…and before you know it, totally derails his own post. @GTIPuG will be livid.


Hahahaha, amazing.

It’s Huel RTD berry.
Order No: #911605

Best before date:

I’ve just opened a second bottle and it’s the same. Smells off.
I have a bottle from my previous order and that one is obviously good and smells good.

@Tim_Huel can you confirm the address is still the same for a Huel RTD batch?

Anyone else unable to see RTD without thinking “Russell T Davies”?

Apologies, I’ve updated my original message with the right address.

Serves me right for drinking copy pasting.