Huel Rtd vanilla, very bad smell and bad taste, bad batch?

I’ve just had the Huel Rtd vanilla which arrived today, the smell was very bad it smelt rather synthetic, nothing like the powdered vanilla huel smell. The taste was gritty and didn’t taste good either it tastes nothing like the powdered vanilla. I live in the UK. I couldn’t even drink it all

So far I’ve tried the powdered vanilla, banana and chocolate huel, and loved them all.

I just wondered if this was a bad batch? I saw another forum with someone saying something similar.

Wondered how I could get a refund, Im not sure if I could finish the lot unfortunately :frowning:

Hi - you could return them for a refund until the US spec bottles are back in stock - if you dislike them so much.

I had less issues with them than some as I quite like the powdered 2.3 vanilla which I think these Euro bottles taste more like. I also tried running one through a blender with a splash of vanilla extract which made it pretty much how I remembered the US bottles.

Really sorry to hear you aren’t a fan of your RTD, but great you’re loving the Powder. They are very different products, in terms of taste and texture,. But more similar nutritionally.

The link to our refunds information is above, sorry that you don’t like them though.