New plastic bottles

The taste and texture of the new plastic bottle ready to drink Huel is absolutely vile. I’ve been ordering the normal ones for the last year and these new bottles have an awful gritty texture and watery, and the flavour is completely off!

Been a loyal buyer for over 3 years now but this might be the end as even with my iron palette I’m struggling to neck this.

Please revert it back.


I’ve put my account on hold (£55/week) until I get confirmation that this has been addressed.

they are not new bottles - they are the same bottles they have always been in the Euro market. Usually UK customers have the American produced RTD but it appears that due to some supply shortage issues, UK customer orders are being fulfilled with Euro spec drinks. there’s been quite a lot of negative feedback on the taste difference - I have an order due for delivery today so curious to see what’s the difference.

I’m glad somebody else has mentioned this. My partner was a huge lover of the berry RTD, but it is almost like a completely different drink. Gritty, the taste is completely off and a strong taste of pea protein.

Really, really disappointing. Huel - you shouldn’t be lowering your standards because of excessive demand, because this is totally unacceptable. I urge others to hold off from buying any RTDs until the original supplier is back. My partner will be returning the unused bottles as it’s unacceptable.

it isn’t lowering standards its a different formulation I guess - the Huel guys have previously mentioned that US market powders are sweeter than ROW to suit the tastes there - I suspect the same must be true of the RTD. I agree there should have been a heads up though, about this temporary change.

But has the formula changed officially?

the bottles being shipped in the UK should be the same now as you have always had in Europe I guess

Phil - you clearly don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. The bottles have changed from 25% recyclable plastic to 100%. And the taste/texture of the drinks inside have plummeted. If you haven’t tried it yet as you claim, maybe shut up until you have.

Every new iteration of Huel makes it taste worse and it isn’t getting any better.
I’m giving Saturo a try. Recommend you all do the same.

read the reply - these are not standard UK supplied bottles - they are the bottles used in the EU market and the same they have always had - its just that UK customers normally have US supplied drinks. Not rocket science.


My latest batch were also in the new bottles, the taste is much worse.
Will I have a choice have to revert back to original bottle?

I did, didn’t like it. Admittedly it was their v1 and it has probably changed since then.

I don’t care about the bottle. I care that the liquid inside it has changed and tastes like cat piss.

With the UK leaving the EU will we be getting the US or EU RTD forumula?

Hey there, yes we’ve had a brief chat about that here.

There are several facilities around the world producing Huel RTD, currently, customers in the UK are receiving a different batch, which has been sold in Europe since launch, which is the exact same recipe but the bottle is slightly different. Although the recipes etc are the same there will be slight differences perceived by a few. It’s unsurprising that since you’ve been buying RTD since the beginning you would pick this up! Sorry for the shock.

We’re looking at ~April to have flavour and bottle back to normal for UK Hueligans.

No lowering of standards, it’s just a different RTD.

It hasn’t. UK are now receiving EU RTD to meet demand.

The bottles you’re receiving now are HPDE/rHDPE, the % of recycled plastic is the same in each, but the UK/US bottles are PET/rPET - this is just due to what different facilities can provide for us.

This isn’t anything to do with Brexit, just meeting demand at a busy time of year.

Hope that helps answer your questions guys. Fire away with any other questions you have, I’ll do my best to answer what I can/am allowed to!


Just to add my review, I’ve been buying huel for years and the flavour of the new rtd batch is really gross, the worst huel I’ve had (I thought it must have gone rancid or something until I saw this thread). The gritty texture and painful to drink from bottles suck. Now I’ve got 60 bottles to get through :frowning:

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Hi - you could return them for a refund until the US spec bottles are back in stock - if you dislike them so much.

Ah thanks didn’t know about the good refund policy, will be sending them back. Give something else a shot to tide me over.

no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it may be a bad batch - this week I ordered a few of the new bottle/EU-produced RTD Vanilla from my local Sainsbury’s to tide me over for few days, which tasted okay (still not as good as the US stuff). My RTD Vanilla order from the Huel website eventually came yesterday (in the same EU bottles), and it tastes and smells absolutely disgusting - definitely something wrong with them.

I’ve emailed with the batch numbers and photos to let them know. FYI, the batch number for the bad batch is P20014, if that means anything to anyone.

Let me know, I have the same batch number!

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