RTD Vanilla / New Bottle Style

Just got my sub for this month, two berry RTDs and a vanilla… the latter came in new bottles with a foil seal on top, curious because it seems initially to up the amount of waste.

What struck me though is the taste, gone is the velvet smooth vanilla of the past, the RTD in the new bottle has a chalky-ish taste, less sweet and slightly grittier texture… a little closer to the powered version…

Anyone else noticed the same?

It seems that UK customers are getting European manufactured RTD bottles now not the US ones they had previously - foil seals have always been on the Euro packed bottles I guess.

I’ve mentioned this in another thread but the new bottle design has a half return lip going towards the centre. Some have suggested this is to provide a flat surface for the foil to attach to but it’s horrible to drink out of and the edge of the lip comes into contact with your lips and whilst it’s not sharp it’s not smooth either.

The label wrapper does come off easily though so that is a good improvement.

I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in how it tastes or the texture. It tastes to me the same as it always has.


Maybe the bottles are actually living organisms and the opening is a gaping wound that is slowly healing over. Just another move towards all natural ingredients.

Something to consider next time you’re slurping out its internal fluids.


Basically we’re currently fulfilling some UK subscriptions with the RTD made in our EU facility to keep up with the demand in Jan. It’s the same nutritional profile, ingredients, method etc however due to the change in factories, some natural variances can be expected, this should be pretty small on the whole, the products are made to be the same after all.

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We picked up two of the foil vanilla RTD yesterday and while we really liked the taste the drinking experience from foil bottle was really unpleasant. The lip where the foil attached is so sharp it scrapes your top lip with every sip. The old non foil were perfect.

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wait - are we saying Americans can actually manufacture something that ISN’T inferior quality wise to just about anywhere else?

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I believe there cars can go around corners these days as well. But I might of heard wrong…

I heard that too - but I drive a Ford and it fully lives up to the acronym Fix Or Repair Daily :slight_smile:

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I just find it bonkers that it’s a better idea to make RTD in the US and ship it to the UK by container for sale than it is to use UK/EU made RTD.

And even though there’ll be transport costs, import fees and VAT added to the price it’s somehow still cheaper than on the US site.

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After having said to a friend: “If you don’t like Huel (the texture of the v2.3 powder texture), try the RTD in store, it’s so much smoother!”. That was an absolute win.

Few days later, I get some feedback as the bottle changed, picked one today, and tried the “new version” (?) (or at least the UK one?) and indeed, there’s no velvet, no smoothness anymore. Back to a grainy texture that would even challenge a Huel preparation with too little mixing. We’re back to a sandy, powdery version resembling the powder one. What happened?

If anything I would like Huel itself to be as smooth, not the bottles to loose their smoothness. :confused:

Iv just had my usual Berry, choc and vanilla rtd arrive
I’m not happy either, i don’t mind the bottles, but the taste is weaker and it’s gritty, it’s just not an enjoyable meal now, I’d like it confirmed that it’s going back to previous or I’ll go back to the powder and see if I can keep using it this time
The rtd have been really good for me, but I can’t drink this new version

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It’s odd they’re different, though US powder is a different recipe isn’t it?

I don’t think it is anymore. v3 replaced EUv2.7 and USv1.whatever so we’re all on the same gloop now.

@Tim_Huel are you able to confirm if the UK RTD will be fulfilled from the usual US supply going forwards, once the EU shortage is resolved?

It’d be aUS shortage wouldn’t it?

Like, there’s too many being sold in the states so we’re getting this EU version for a bit. Or maybe lots being sold in Sainsbury’s and shipping isn’t quick enough to replenish UK stock.

I just been looking on the USA forum and Julian said,

" We have made the decision to go from v1.1 to v3.0 in the USA to align our Huel Powder globally."

But I don’t know if the USA formula is exactly like ours it would be interesting to know if they are and if they taste different. It would be interesting to try it to see if it’s nicer if some of you guys think the RTD is nicer from the USA.
I was reading through there thread that Julian made and it was interesting to read especially about kombucha and probiotics being added

I concur with the views here. I’ve just received my RTD Berry and Vanilla. Both are “new” bottles.

Cracked open Berry this morning and it tastes horrible - chalky, gritty and lacking body or flavour.

What’s going on Huel - this isn’t a very consistent experience!

Not sure I want to wade through all these bottles now :frowning:


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I switched to RTD some months ago, partly for the convenience and partly because my wife loved the taste and silky texture of the RTD but wasn’t a fan of the lumpiness of the powdered huel when I’d last been using it (about a year ago, maybe a bit longer). Neither of us likes the bittiness of the new RTD, though we could probably learn to live with it I guess.

However, it’s significantly more expensive per meal to use RTD, and we’re having roughly 2 bottles each a day. I doubt we’d be willing to continue spending so much on the RTD bottles if they’re not likely to go back to the previous taste and texture very soon.

I’ve often wondered whether I just wasn’t mixing the powdered version right (though I think I followed the written instructions and videos carefully - cold water in first, use the metal shaker ball, shake vigorously like a bartender, top up with a bit more water), or whether the newer versions of the powder are smoother. Maybe it would be better if we tried a small blender like the breville blendactive? Maybe if we tried sticking it in the fridge overnight as I read some folk do?

Any thoughts would be welcome, especially if other folk have overcome powder bittiness/lumpiness, or if @Tim_Huel knows that the US-style RTD is imminently returning.


I have a nutri ninja and it works perfectly and gives a great texture. Much easier to clean than a blender too. You put your ingredients in, screw the lid on, tip up and attach. 20 seconds later unscrew the lid and drink straight from the cup. Quick wash of cup and lid and ready to go for next time!