New plastic bottles

Will do - might be worth you dropping them an email, also.

Also received the new bottles. Taste was so bad that I wasn’t sure if it had gone off. Huel RTD is delicious but I literally had to force this stuff down and then I felt queezy afterwards. Rather than being creamy and velvet smooth it’s watery and gritty with a strange taste. The taste was so different that it could have been a different product from a differant company. If it had been a Huel copy I would have said it’s a bad copy. My guess is that there is an issue with the blending equipment. The US probably has massive industrial blenders that blast anything into a velvit smooth consistency whereas the EU mixers are not so powerful and leave gritty bits and the effect of that is a watery texture.

You’re an absolute champion for managing to finish a whole bottle :laughing: - the smell alone was making me light-headed. I hope your tummy’s okay.

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I did drink a whole bottle yesterday but I didn’t feel good afterwards, today I thought maybe I was being a wimp so opened another one - but honestly for me there is something stomach churning about this batch, and I normally pride myself on eating anything. FYI I love huel and will definitely be getting more when they go back to the old stuff or start blending my own, it’s really improved my life so much.

This is exactly the sort of corporate attitude I can’t stand, and has been a running theme with your company dodging and evading responsibility. Fact of the matter is you changed your product without informing your customers. The difference isn’t “slight”, it’s gone from a great tasting smoothie drink to watered down grit that other customers are referring to as gross, painful to drink and smells like it’s gone off. Don’t insult our intelligence by acting as if the change is so minor that nobody has noticed.

God I hope the Saturo I’ve ordered is okay so I don’t have to put up with this crap customer service anymore.


I’ve just opened a box of the new bottle design (apparently standard in Europe) and I’m having to chew it down it’s so bad. Even mixed with some flavouring it’s so bad compared to the ones I was drinking last week. My batch is P19345 so it’s more than one batch tasting like this. This shouldn’t be acceptable to a company to have it’s consumers this unhappy with their product!


Well, I live in the Netherlands so presumably I’ve never had any other RTD than the European-produced version. I don’t recognize these descriptions of watery, gritty or sour tasting drinks. Sure, the taste and texture are a little different from the Huel powder but they’re still tasty and creamy.

Sounds to me like there must’ve been a bad batch or it went bad in storage, there’s nothing normally wrong with the European RTDs…

P.S. I also have no idea why the bottles would be painful to drink from. Never had any issues with them.


I got a box each of berry, chocolate and vanilla in January and received foil-top vanilla and was pretty shocked at how different it is. I could probably get used to the flavour, I don’t like it as much but I can accept it’s just different. It’s way more variance than I’d expect if it’s not deliberately different for different markets though. And the texture is horrid, it’s like going back to powder with my rubbish blender. I would not order another box if I thought this was likely to reoccur tbh, but in a way it’s a testament to how much I’ve been enjoying the normal UK RTD.

I wonder if anyone in the US has noticed a difference lately or if their RTD was always a different taste and texture…

Us non-Anglos pay considerably more for a subpar product. Oh wow, this is hilarious. This is even worse than Europeans paying 13% more for Huel powder as the products are actually identical in the UK and the EU.

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Hunzas I ordered 24 x chocolate Saturos they are absolutely spot on. I usually hate chocolate flavoured stuff but these are like Alpro chocolate milk (but a little less sweet). Highly recommended.

Thom - grab yourself a box of Saturo. I just bought a box of chocolate ones, they’re really nice. Compared to Gruel, they seem more expensive on paper but you get an extra 100 calories per bottle, so it works out cheaper.

Think about the new customers whose first batch tastes like this. I’d love to know how many customers Huel have lost to this inept business practice of downgrading product quality to meet an increased demand. I had a similar conversation with the guy in charge of Huel a couple years ago when I questioned why Huel seemed to be targeted towards fat people (due to the macro balancing, salt amount and low recommended calorie intake) instead of normal/athletic people, and got a forum ban for “not being civil”.

I wonder how long this company can monopolize the market before they get cleaned out by one that treats their customers like people and not direct debits.

To be fair, i can see why they would thing you weren’t being civil, with the way you’re throwing insults out in this post. It doesn’t take much to be just a little nicer friend :slight_smile:


the old ones definitely weren’t like that, but if what you say is true that’s pretty damn good.

Do you recomend Saturo powder? I dont like the soy protein… but it seems considerably cheaper.

I saw the RTD’s on sale at Sainsburys on the weekend. After reading the many posts saying how things are not tasting great atm I’m glad I resisted temptation and didn’t purchase. :grimacing:

It’s the ready made ones Saturo does. Haven’t tried the powder.

Excuse me what? I haven’t insulted anyone. I’m purchasing a product. This isn’t like paying my friend to bake me a cake then I’m yelling at them that it’s not good enough. This is a company. I pay them money and they deliver a product. If that product is not up to standard then I’m well within my rights to complain.

Calling someone a snowflake isn’t illegal. Grow up and answer your customers. Why have you changed your product without informing your customers?

What did you think?
Sorry if you’ve posted elsewhere and I missed it

yes I posted my thoughts on it here

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