RTD change - so disappointed

Just got my latest delivery of Huel RTD - it’s the EU version. Could tell straight away as the boxes are different and then obvious different bottles.

It’s just…bad…NOTHING like the old (US) version they were sending out. So disappointed - this order means I’m going to have to spend time returning the order and will be without Huel until they get the proper version back. If only Huel had been upfront it would have saved us both hassle…

Sorry - but this is really poor customer service - very annoyed with Huel right now…Potentially losing me as a customer as I’ve been told on live chat that they will be be using the EU version for the foreseeable. I’m going to have to find a replacement as I’m almost out of US RTD.

From what i’ve gathered the EU version will only be going out until april, so not even two months, which has been pretty obvious on the forums. Did you knwo about this before you ordered, it sounds somewhat like you did? It might be the phrasing but its leaving me a bit confused here.

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