Very little RTD in stock?

Is there a reason there is hardly any RTD in stock to order?

When will stock be replenished please?

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It’s because @Blobbymatt keeps drinking it all.

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Hey, so sorry for the inconvenience here. We’re working through a backlog of orders which isn’t ideal at all. The team are working so hard to get this back. It’s probably looking like end of the month for some flavours, but don’t hold me to that. We’re getting updates every day. We are still fulfilling subscriptions.

Sorry again.

Thanks @Tim_Huel I have a subscription, so will my selected flavours be available or for that please?

Or will I get an indication which ones are not at the time of renews?

Sorry for delay replying, I missed your comment. If you have an existing subscription of RTD then your order will still be fulfilled as of now. If we make changes to your order due to stock we will inform you via email.

RTD Banana- I need this back in my life :face_holding_back_tears:

Who doesn’t?! Reminds me of milkshakes I used to have as a kid!!

Hi, I keep trying to order the drinks’ which are brilliant b they way when hey sau not available how long is it before they are back in stock?

It’s getting serious now, I have run out!

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I imagine the stock issues are to do with changing the bottles over to the newer ones

Oh don’t say that – it might trigger another round of sobbing, like the last time the bottle changed – ‘it hurts my lips to drink out of it! (bless)’ etc etc.

Hey guys, sorry we’re still working hard to get this sorted.

For the foreseeable, you may still see some products marked out of stock whilst we protect our subscribers so subscriptions should remain unaffected.

Over the coming few weeks, you will start to see RTD products return to the product page but we can’t give exact dates at this stage.

I think at this stage Temporarily out of stock needs to change it’s name :sweat_smile:

On a serious note, I miss my RTD. Shame I accidentally cancelled my subscription instead of pausing it.

Ah Martyn that sucks I’m sorry.

It is temporary, you’ve got to keep the faith!

Yes indeedy, I had a wee panic here - I’ve got The Bug and RTD is is my current drug of choice, I’ve not shopped or cooked for a week now, except porridge for breakfast. I’ve still not up to starting again but am running low on RTD. It’s helping to keep me afloat, almost literally - I’m also drinking large quantities of assorted fruit juice, and a hot whisky toddy at night.

On checking I remember I’d set up a subscription, and while I usually despise the subscription model (I’m so tired of having to subscribe to everything from films to skin cream, I’d like just to buy what I want when I want it, rather than helping companies with their year-end projections) in this case it appears to have been a plus. And I’ve been allowed to move my delivery date a little bit closer. Phew. Seems tough on everybody else though.

All back in stock apart from the one I want :smiling_face_with_tear:


Cinnamon Swirl is definitely the best.