Ran out of huel, how to get more?

Hi there,

So i ran out of huel twice in my monthly sub and when i try to bring the sub date closer so i can get a delivery sooner rather than later. It changes it.
We really need an option to ‘top up’ when we run out, or am i missing something?

Id much rather be able to buy this stuff straight away, than faff on with this subscription service. I’d easily buy twice the amount i do now. Anyone else feel this way?


Cancel subscription, make a new one for more frequent delivery?

You can do that, you don’t need a sub…just you pay a little more; swings and roundabouts innit?

Yeah i tried deleting sub starting another yet it changes the dates i want it to a month in advance everytime, lol. I think it’s bugged? I’m already eyeing up burgers and bacon and its been one day…haha.

I’d love to know how as all i can do is setup a subscription?

slaps forehead apologies…i found it…many thanks. lol


Happily, no problems here. I have often brought forward a sub date when I ran out of something, usually bars. As soon as the order is delivered I change the interval time back to normal. I have also done as others have suggested, cancel sub and order again.

Sorry, I missed this as not been on the forum today, had some urgent biz…I would have replied otherwise. Glad you sorted it.

I’ve also had problems with subs lately.
It’s not normally an issue and I can change the date or add stuff as I wish.
But this time (after 4 hours no exaggeration!) of trying to add a flavour boost and RTD to my next sub, and bring the date forwards to this week, I gave up and just created a completely new subscription.
I added the RTD and the flavour boost to my order. My account then showed charges for both items plus a postage charge (which is weird as normally postage is free over £20). But then they only dispatched the RTD.
No sign of the flavour boost.
And it mysteriously simply disappeared from my orders…
I’m not sure if this was a website / ordering glitch, or they have run out of mint choc flavour boost??

Apparently the sub system is being upgraded soon… which is good

Erm so @RusoBadGuts are we gonna talk about that username or did I miss another thread?? :flushed:

yeah, went through a few weeks of machine gun butt when I first started. Nearly gave up on it, but my energy levels were high so I held out. Didn’t take too long to get used to thank god. haha

When you say “get used to” do you mean the symptoms let up or you never stray too far from a toilet now?

At first my stools were very runny with a lot of gas, now my movements are normal, as in solid stools and much less gas. The only issue I have with Huel is when I fart, it absolutely stinks. Its no longer excessive at all but when I do fart its like pure death, still to this day. Fun with mates. Not so much with the missus.

For me it’s not all the time that it’s that bad… but it’s often enough that I will never risk a fart in front of other people now, because it’s just not fair on anyone :joy:

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