Unable to add new flavour boost to sub

Any ideas i keep getting a message saying invalid quantity, i’ve tried to add two bags to my sub.

I’ve had this before and I think it depends on the amount you already have in your current subscription as that has a predetermined shipping weight so if you are adding more than you had before rather than substituting what was there - you hay have to add a second subscription - that happened to me previously when I tried to add powder to an RTD sub and when I set it up as a second sub it worked fine.

Find it a big strange as all I have is two bags of Huel every four weeks setup.

as I said - you’re adding to the subscription - Huel have different tiers of delivery sizes so the flavour boosts may tipped it over to another tier - you can add them as a secondary subscription or cancel the current one and set up a new one. I had the same issue again today when I tried to add flavour boosts to an existing subscription.

What I’m finding odd is that a cancelled the existing flavour boosts I had on my subscription. So definitely not a quality issue.

Hey Anthony,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble adding a Flavour Boost to your sub. Is this a limited edition flavour?

If so, I’m afraid these are one off purchases only!

If not, drop us an email to team@huel.com and we can help you out!

Just normal flavours I have already submitted a ticket not had a reply back I got a ticket number 244329. I’m trying to add the peanut butter and salted caramel to my sub.

i think I’ve realised today that you can’t add a one off to a subscription. Kinda makes sense I guess.

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you can add a one off to the box of your subscription providing you don’t push it over the weight limit for that delivery. I got two boxes of granola added to my powder subscription last month after I figured out I could add 4 boxes before getting the dreaded ‘invalid quantity’ message

I just don’t get the option - the tab at the top will not change to one off.
Manage Account > Subscriptions > Add To Box > pick any product

And it doesn’t allow me to select the One-Time Purchase.

Funnily enough, and relating to another thread, I can add one scoop.

And the only option for flavour boosts is the Taster Pack whereas last time I tried all the flavours were there?

Going to try logging out & back in.

No difference.

End up here:

Aha! If I go to the very bottom of the page then I see this:

Expanding the Our Products and then selecting Flavour Boosts gets me where I want to be.

Wish they’d stop mucking about with their website.

Are you in the UK @DunsfordMage ?
Your screenshots look completely different to what I see.
I simply go to the product menu and select flavour boosts, and get a list:

Yes, as shown on my last screenshot :wink:

I get what you see but as per previous post not from the top level but by going via the bottom of the screen and expanding the options there.

It wasn’t like this last time, the flavour boosts were in the main section. But they were the old flavours. So maybe they’re just rearranging stuff?

The flavour boosts are in the main section for me… ! :thinking:

Maybe @DunsfordMage has an enemy at Huel?

“Colin might like it? HIDE IT.”

Customer support did manage to add it to my sub but only as a one off for salted caramel and peanut butter flavour. Also managed to knock off the discount I had, but I had to put the code back on my order.

I hope you do improve the subscription system.

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