Can't add some flavour boosts to box

I’ve been trying to add some of the new flavour boosts to my next delivery (subscription), but when I click on “add to box” I can only select from a few of them. below is how the page looks on my computer. The other flavours don’t appear anywhere on the page. If I go to the flavour boosts from the regular website menu I can see all of the new flavours, but then I have to do a one-time order or create an entire new subscription, I don’t get the option of adding them to my existing subscription (for one time).

It might be a stock thing at the moment, I guess they sold out of some of the new ones

but then why is it possible to order them from the main page? I can buy them and have them shipped right now, but I can’t add them to my subscription box in january…

Oops definitely sounds like it might be a technical issue @Dan_Huel and @Tim_Huel

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I haven’t read the whole thread but are they ltd edition boosts? If so that’s the reason, if not then @RyanT is steering you in the right direction.

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There were only four posts in the entire thread. I think you have overtaken both @Berserker and @Tristan for the title of the laziest person on the forum…


To be fair, that’s why I felt The laziest person on the forum needed ‘second’ adding to the title. I just hadn’t had the heart to tell @hunzas why lol


No that’s not the explanation, because cherry chocolate is among the few that I can add to my box. But I can’t add some of the regular flavors. I’ve had this problem from day 1 when the new flavor boosts launched. If I’m the only one though, that’s really weird.
Maybe I’ll try cancelling my subscription and creating a new one from scratch.

It does look like an unused feature aka BUG.

If you try to add from your subscription page you can only add 6 different flavor.

If you go to the product page of the flavors you can add more. You cannot add limited flavors to a subscription.

Hope this helps.

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