Being able to add one-time items to subscription


Please make it possible to add items to subscription for one-time purchase. Sometimes we may want a cup, a shirt, a granola or whatever else without subscribing to it. I want a flavor sample of the flavor boosts for example, the current system does not allow this and it’s very troublesome.



Sorry for that one. The isuse at the moment is that it has to be done manually, i.e. you have to make sure you remove the item from your next subscription. Obviously this is easy to forget so that’s why we don’t allow products that you only need once - sample flavours, t-shirts, shakers etc - to be added to a subscription.

Definitely something that would improve our subscription though, thanks for the suggestion.


Does the same rule apply when increasing or decreasing the number of Huel’s powder bags???
At the moment my subscription is for 3 bags. I’d like to change it to 2 but can’t find the option.

Just hit ‘Manage Subscription Flavours’ on the left and there is an option to update your pouches there.

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Thank you Tim for such a quick reply :+1: :ok_hand: :+1: