How do I add flavour boosts to my subscription?

…and while we’re about it, how do I simplify my account to only have one subscription with everything in it, rather than two or more? And also, why do I get a ‘We’re sorry you’re leaving’ email every time I delete one part of my subscription? When I’m not actually leaving.

Thank you.

Customers can have multiple subscriptions at once. this usually happens when you place new subscription orders via the checkout.

If you add new products via the account area, that’s when it shows as just one subscription for multiple products rather than multiple subscriptions for multiple products.

We can definitely amend your subscription so it’s set up as one sub if you’re having trouble with this!

The flavour boosts would need to be added to one of your subs and then the other subs can be cancelled and deleted.

The reason for the email is because you have different subscriptions, if you cancel one of them, you get the cancellation email even if the rest are active

I hope that makes sense, but if you need some assistance from us please email so we can look into this for you.

Hi Charlotte, Life is too short! It seems overcomplicated to me, but I don’t want to start a whole thread about it.

Why can’t I just have a ‘checkout basket’ and a ‘regular order basket’ then each product has an ‘add’ button which asks ‘add to basket’ or ‘add to regular order’ and how frequently to ship? Then a regular order tab in the basket.

Re my flavour boosts question, how exactly do I add them to a regular order? Other products like the powders show options to either subscribe or add to the basket, but the flavour boosts only have the add to basket option? I know I can delete the subscriptions, but I can’t add flavour boosts to subscriptions at all, the option isn’t there.