Huel Bar v3.1 minimum order

Just went to add a box of v3.1 to my upcoming subscription as a one off and it wont let me order 1 box - need to order 2… erm… naw!

Please tell me this is a bug?

It’s a two box minimum order, unfortunately. Not a bug :confused:


kek. Huel, please be better than this. Or is your argument, again, that you need to try 30 bars before you know whether or not they are a good fit for you?



I have to agree with this. I’d like to see a change towards a £40 minimum order value - so you can order a combination of bars, powder, RTDs, granola and flavour boosts.
I can’t see the logic or value of having to buy two boxes at once. I can see why it’s not economical to ship just one box, but if that box is being added to a variety of products I don’t see why two boxes should be the minimum.
I personally subscribe to powder, bars and RTDs, as well as flavour boosts.
I end up with a huge stock of Huel piled up.
It would be great to be able to buy a combination of products in one order without having to purchase two of everything.


Echo these sentiments. Moving towards a minimum order value makes more sense. I can put 8 pouches of powder in an order but then still have to order a minimum of 2 boxes of bars.


Agree. I would also like to pick and mix products.


I agree also. It makes sense. When Huel moved to a new fulfilment centre I thought these sort of things would be integrated to make the customer experience better.


I agree, it gets expensive and unaffordable for some as well and you might not like them. I put an order in for 2 bags of powder before and thought I would add single bottles of choc and vanilla RTDs but that option isn’t there now. I won’t buy 12 or 24 as again it’s expensive and 1 or 2 bottles was fine for me with my powder order as a treat. I can see why people are put off buying Huel in bulk.


Minimums aren’t particularly bothersome if you enjoy what you’re buying, the numbers aren’t all that huge after all - what annoys me is that it’s impossible to try anything without committing to loads of it.

Just trying four flavours of bar costs £80 with a 60 bar minimum - exactly why I sadly won’t be buying them.

Testing RTD? £99 and 36 bottles minimum (though of course it’s in Sainsbury’s now in singles too)

The eight ‘main’ flavours of powders? £164 and 112 meals.

If you don’t like any of them then what? Sucks for you because you’ve got loads of something left over.

In the good old days of one flavour and flavour boosts it was easy; grab a vanilla or U&U and a flavour taster pack, work out which you liked and then buy bigger versions. Don’t like one? You’ve wasted one meal and 3g of flavouring. It was a really clever way to help us change things up and a major USP that kept me with Huel for ages.

I can’t believe there’s still not taster/multipack, of bars at least - one box with 16 bars with four of each flavour is just such an obvious way to get people to try them and get more.

There’s another brand with a lot of flavours and bars, I recently tried everything they sell by buying ONE meal of each. A single meal each of their powders, a single of each of their different bars. Turned out I liked some, and hated others. Very little was wasted, I bought larger versions of what I liked the next time around. It just makes sense when you’ve a big product line that people may not necessarily know or understand.


Whisper the brand to us @Tristan or drop some hints :thinking:

Lol that’d be impolite.

I don’t see how it’s impolite. If Huel was a charity giving us their stuff out of the kindness of their hearts, sure. But they’re a business that profit from us, and it’s fine to criticise them and compare them to their competitors.

Don’t Feed them with wild ideas… All you saying is blasphemy :upside_down_face:


Someone had to.

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Maybe it’s not, but it feels it. I think my little gripe is valid but I still really like Huel and I don’t want to be perceived to be saying go buy something else.

Just, you know, singles/sample packs clearly can be done, so Huel should really get on it.

Saying we “need to try X amount to realise we like it” just doesn’t hold anymore imo.


I agree with this and I’ve stated my case about it a few times on the forum now (to no avail).
I think they need to shift their thinking on this.
Sure - trial packs didn’t work when there was only one flavour.
But now there are 8 premixes to choose from I actually think its vital they start doing samples.
People could buy one vanilla and one berry and hate both and never return.
But if they had all 8 flavours to try, they would almost definitely find at least one of them to their taste.

Edit: I think they would also need to limit the samples to one-time only per customer so people don’t buy them to get variety / travel sachets on an on-going basis. Simply for environmental reasons…


They bite the hand that Feeds them :smiley:


This does happen and people are stuck with the rest of the dam bag as they don’t want to waste money throwing it away. People have tried selling or giving away opened bags as they can’t stand that flavour. They definitely need different flavour powder trial packs but don’t seem to be interested

Huel are adamant that forcing people into battling through 28 meals of a flavour they don’t like will mean people will eventually find a way to like it.
I disagree. No matter what I do, I cannot drink new vanilla nor berry. I bought both these flavours in my first ever order, and no amount of trial and error with different formulations made either palatable to me personally.
If I hadn’t also had a bag of UU in that first order, I can absolutely guarantee I would never have bought Huel again.

Allowing new customers to try a variety of flavours, is the only way forwards imo.
Now there are 8 to choose from it would be very easy to choose two you hate and never return. It’s very hard to predict what flavours you will like, because Huel is very unique and the flavours are unique. It’s not like choosing an ice cream - where most chocolate flavours and strawberry flavours for example are pretty predictable.

As for the bars and rtds - no trial and error with mixing is required! It makes no sense not to do variety packs.


Thing is sales are growing. Having $24m to spend on Facebook ads is a good indicator of Huel’s success.

Lost customers to a poor first order experience are either few in number, or just don’t really matter at the moment because of growth.