Please let us mix and match different products when ordering

This seems to be a repeated request from just about everyone on the forum and all Hueligans everywhere.

Please Team Huel can you change the ordering interface so that either we can choose two different products as the minimum order for example: one bag huel black and one bag v3 GF, or one box of bars and one box of RTD.
OR could you change it to a minimum order value - for example £50, so we can order a selection of bars, rtds, different powders and flavour boosts all in one order, without having to have 2 of every separate product?

I’m a long time hueller and currently want to order one bag of Huel Black chocolate, one bag of v3 UU GF, one box of coffee caramel Bars v3.1, and one box of Berry RTD.
This would cost £100.
I absolutely can’t afford to double that to £200 which is what I currently have to do to order all the products I want as I have to buy two of each. I also don’t want to have double the amount of all these products in my one bed flat!

Huel has expanded the range of products significantly since a year ago, and the ordering process needs to evolve as well to reflect these changes.
If Huel still believe that new customers need a minimum of two bags to properly trial the product then you could make this part of the conditions of the ‘starter pack’ - two of the same product plus your free T-shirt and shaker.
But for the rest of us who are well established Huellers, there is no logic behind having to buy two of the same. It does make sense to have a minimum order value however, to make shipping more environmentally friendly.

What do others think?
Please hit ‘Like’ to agree to a change towards a minimum order value instead of having to order two of each individual product.

Please @Julian follow this topic to see how many huellers agree with this, and consider making this change :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks :pray:t2:


I agree. It makes perfect sense, but with regards to new Huelers I don’t think it needs be 2 of the same product (in fact to me that would be counterintuitive). A minimum order value on first order for the t-shirt shaker.

Another option which has been discussed before and also done by some of your competitors could be a starter pack that includes for example a bag of powder, a box of a selection of bars, granola (if it still exists), a bottle of each RTD, shaker, flavour boost tester pack, scoop and t-shirt. There are now many options for powder, so how that works would need consideration, but the value of those products would probably hit a minimum order value to make it worthwhile.


No it’s dead easy. Just put a bit of every flavour into one bag. :+1:


Personally I agree completely - but Huel have been adamant for a long time that first-timers need to try two bags of the same thing, so I wasn’t sure I could get them to change their mind on this!!
But then again, they’ve also previously stated they probably wouldn’t bring out a low-carb Huel as it wouldn’t be nutritionally completely… and here we are with Huel Black, which looks great.
And they also previously insisted there was no need for a move towards natural vitamin sources and yet here we are with v3!
So, they obviously do listen to what customers want.

I’d still really like to see trial packs - smaller packs of every flavour (there’s so many flavours now, and it really is hard to predict what flavour you might like because they are quite unique). But firstly, a move towards at least being a bit more flexible with ordering would be a step in the right direction.


I think the two bag minimum requirement was more to make it economical to ship.

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If this is the case @Coup then there should be no reason why you can’t have one bag of regular, and one of GF or Black edition…


I think the issue is more how the website has been designed than insisting someone has two bags of the same family of powder.


I did wonder this… but the interface has just been redesigned so they could easily have built into it the ability to mix and match to make up the minimum order, especially as there are now six separate powder ‘types’ (regular, gluten free, black, professional, original v2.3, and outlet v2.3)


Strong +1. I very much like Huel the product, the informational part of the website, the transparency, everything. But the way the ordering/subscription part of the website works, with its myriad strange bureaucratic rules, is just bizarre.

Examples of strange rules: No two bags of different types. If it’s the first order of a subscription, you can get one (1) RTD bottle of each flavour, but not two. In subsequent orders of a subscription, you can’t get a single RTD. However you can convert a “subsequent order” to a “first order” with a few clicks. In the first order of a subscription for a user who has already gotten scoops, you can’t get a scoop. In subsequent orders, you can. No single bag of powder, ever. Even if you’re ordering £500 worth of Huel bars and RTDs, adding on a single bag of powder to the order is a strict no-no.


Thanks for the post Christina, yeah with more and more products, like Black Edition, this makes way more sense.

How do you all see this working? What sort of functionality would you want it to have? We can’t guarantee we can make any of it happen, we have so many skus and different functions that complicate matters but:


  • add single products (e.g. one box of bars or one bag of powder) to existing subs vs creating a single order “mix and match box” (e.g. 1 bag of powder, 1 bag of black, 1 box of bars until reaching min spend)
  • would this be a choice of all products, or our favourite/recommended ones
  • would you want to subscribe to it, or OK as a single purchase only. as in, once you tried all the different ones in single unit, then subscribe to 2 bags of your favourite?
  • in an ideal world, would you prefer the ability to buy a combination of single product units (e.g. 1 bar, 1 bottle of RTD, 1 single serving pouch of powder) or what is currently on offer (e.g. 1 box of bars, 1 box of RTD, 1 full size box of powder)

Christina please it’s not ‘easy’, some stuff might be doable but it certainly isn’t easy.


It might help to start with looking at how Amazon does it, even restricting to items on Amazon sold by Amazon (as opposed to third-party sellers). Let’s say start with the experience of a non-Prime user. There are thousands of products available, and yet one can order any combination of products - no minimums. If the order price is too low, a shipping cost is added. No complex rules or special cases. It has subscriptions (“Subscribe & Save”) too, though I haven’t explored the specifics of that (for all I know maybe it gets complicated with those).

  1. Yes - definitely all the products because what I / we want to buy might not be the most popular products

  2. Definitely as subscription as I have a few favourite products that I buy repeatedly and like to make use of the discount.

In my ideal world I would like the ability to subscribe to (for example):
1 x Chocolate Black Edition
1 x Gluten free UU
1 x Berry RTD (case)
1 x coffee caramel bars (box)
1 x flavour boost (pouch)
But also be able to add on extra products (eg extra box of bars or powder) occasionally too, for variety.

As for single products - it would be great to be able to trial each flavour of bar and RTD for example and to be able to add singles to any large order.

I think the more flexibility you can build in the better.

It would also be great to be able to trial each flavour of powder, now there are so many flavours - but how you would do this, I’m not sure. Maybe 200g of every flavour of powder - similar to the flavour boost sample pack idea.
I think this is critical in attracting and keeping new customers, because it really is difficult to predict which of the premixes will be to your taste and if your first order contains two of something you hate, you are unlikely to return. But there is such variety now, I’m convinced that there will be at least one flavour for everyone, but most people would be unwilling to buy a whole bag of every flavour to try it out.

Okay :joy: Sorry :grimacing:
It sounds easy!
But it’s probably ridiculously complicated!
This is not my area of expertise - I just sorta assumed that Huel had experts that could do it ‘easily’. But I’m happy to admit I’m completely ignorant on this matter.
It’s great you guys are willing to consider making these changes.
The range of products has increased so significantly - it makes a lot of sense to allow customers to buy a greater variety without having to get two of everything.
I hope you’ve clocked off for Xmas now. I thought everyone was supposed to go home at 11am on Christmas Eve :christmas_tree: :star2: :tada:
Go get drunk ! :wine_glass: and have a nice break :grin:


Amazon Subscribe&Save is a nightmare!
Please Huel don’t copy this!

But I think… why not open up the shop and allow people to add exactly what they want from everything available, until it reaches a minimum value of £50?
You can still have the option to subscribe to the entire basket and save 10%, or to place it as a one time order.
At the moment, what is preventing this, is the fact that every product has a separate order page and separate subscription.
I honestly don’t know how online shopping interfaces work, but other stores simply allow you to fill your basket with what you want and then check out.
I really don’t understand the complexities of it - hopefully there’s a Hueller who does, and can make more helpful suggestions than me about how it might actually work.

All I know is what I want to be able to subscribe to… I have no idea how to make the website accommodate that


The ability to add smaller amounts to subscription orders would be great. Like adding one box of bars or a few mixed bottles for instance.


As a software engineer, I can confirm that what looks ‘easy’ might actually be quite complicated to implement, and that from the outside a typical user is likely to underestimate the complexity involved. :slight_smile:


In an ideal world, the ability to do both would be great - although for me, the most important is to be able to buy one box / bag / case of each product. But also being able to add single bars, bottles and single servings of powder would be really fab and has been asked for many times by others on the forum.

Anyone else care to comment on what functionality they want to see the most?

I think all the options you’ve listed @Tim_Huel are spot on what people have been asking for :+1:t2:


For me it would be the option to buy one of each bar along with my regular two bags of Huel so I could at least try them before spending on a big box of them.


I liked adding a bottle or 2 of RTD as a treat with my powder order but they have stopped it now spoil sports. I don’t want a full case it gets expensive then and I don’t actually need that many as I am happy with the powder.

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I would definitely like the ability to add a single bag of an alternative powder to my regular subscription, I think it is quite inconvenient to have to buy 2 bags of a powder in order to try (for example) pre-blends, V3 etc.
Additionally a single purchase of a RTD or bar to see if I like them before committing to bigger orders would be helpful.

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I’m not sure about the minimum order value, as not everyone wants to put in a large amount of money from the get go and choosing a value that would work for the majority of combinations might not be possible. Plus seeing a number may make people think more about it, I know I would have been much less likely to place my order had there been a minimum cost however the minimum quanity seemed less daunting?
So perhaps a minimum in the sense that you either need to purchase either:

  • Two pouches of powder (any variety)
  • One pouch of powder plus a case (RTD or bars)
  • Two cases

So that you can add one at a time of the ‘main options’ but you must get at least two of them. Then if somebody wants to try RTD as well as powder they can. Or RTD and bars ext.