Ordering interface really confusing

i had a problem where i changed my address and i immediately placed an order to new address and it was sent to the previous address. it did not immediately update.

and yes i really do think there should be 20 minutes or so to cancel an order after youve placed it.

human errors occur but system errors should not.

i think a system that allows mixing of powders and bars etc should be possible too. with the minimum of two of the same selection being scrapped.

i dont see why not.

it would be better for business with happier customers too.

Thanks I know that, as I mention I’ve been a customer for 2 years now. The problem is that the order came out of the blue and I couldn’t cancel it. It was probably my mistake, since I really don’t remeber placing that order, but at the same time I really think the UI is confusing.

OK - safest thing to do then is just check your subscriptions and pause them until you need them again. One off orders are processed pretty quickly so it’s unlikely to be one of those if you didn’t remember doing them.

Yea but I have just one subscription and it’s for Huel Powder v3.0, while the order that was placed today contains flavour boosts. So I’m really confused.

yeah - that is confusing.

Various aspects of the shopping UI are strange, and the rules on what quantities of products can and can’t be ordered together in an order are truly bizarre. Some earlier threads about this:

Plenty of other sites get this right with the same, simple formula: the site sells several products. In one order you can buy any combination of products in any quantity, with no minimums. Buying one thing doesn’t affect whether you can buy another. No subscriptions and resulting complications. The rules are the same for all orders. But no, not Huel. It’s ironic that a product which drastically simplifies one’s life otherwise (no cooking! no grocery shopping! no washing dishes!) makes its online shop needlessly complicated.

100% agree with you on that!

You look a bit older than that in your profile pic.


Yea Sorry about that! My intention was to say that I’ve been a huel client for 2 years now

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No worries, I knew what you meant. I was just joking with you :slight_smile:

Yea I knew haha

Hey @tunele, sorry you’re having problems. That does sound weird, I wonder if you have two separate subscriptions under different email address?

I assume with the multiple orders you’ve received without wanting you would have contacted our customer experience team? Have they managed to resolve this for you yet?

Thanks Tim, they reached out to me and offered a partial refund. I’m ok with that but I still find the ux somewhat confusing.

Have recently used Participate for end user testing. Might be useful for you to see if you can find out why people are having issues?

Expanding on this suggestion, there are Shopify extensions that offer session recording and heatmap tools. Perhaps that would be a better solution as it doesn’t require an app.

Do Huel use Shopify?

Yes, they do. I can tell by the checkout, it’s usually the same across all Shopify sites. It’s industry standard as the alternatives aren’t too good.


BTW your beard is taking over mate. Awesome.

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Ah, that’s good. I’m just learning Shopify to help with a migration from SupaDupa. Never touched e-commerce before so it’s very interesting.

Hair too!