Problem ordering

I am trying to order a couple of bags of Huel and sample flavour pouches… so I click checkout, then click to add the pouches, then checkout again… but the flavour samples then don’t show up on my order summary! I really want to order by 3pm so could anyone help please?

I gave up and paid full price as I didn’t want to waste my day off waiting for an answer. Maybe Huel fancy sending me a little extra to make up for their ordering system not working :wink:

Hi there,

Sorry for the problems you were having with the website. Did you email the customer service team on I try to be as active as I can on the forum but sometimes miss important posts - I can only apologise. In future if you have any problems with the ordering process, it is best to email us as we have at least 1 person doing customer service through the day.

In regards to your problem, I’m unsure why you were having issues. No one else has reported this and it’s all working this end. Does it work now for you?

Email me before your next order and cite this thread, I’m sure I can work something out for you to make up for the issues you had.

Hi, no sorry I didn’t email as when I went on the contact us page it said to email OR use the forum, I will in future with any issues.

Just tried it again and it is still doing the same thing. It tells me the discounted flavour boosts have been added to my basket but then when I go to check out there is only the powder in there.

Thanks for raising that, I’ll make it clearer for future - sorry for the confusion we caused.

Regarding the flavours, I honestly don’t know what the problem would be. Really bizarre. I’ll drop you a DM and will get something sorted for you.

Edit: Just checked your order history and it seems that the flavour boost were added to your order and should have been dispatched with your order. Have you received your order yet?

Yeah I have the order, I paid full price for the flavour boosts in the end as I needed my Huel the next day