Haven't received flavour boosts yet and moving soon :O

I placed an order for 2 flavour boost pouches on 6th Oct, and got an email the same day to say that the order had been packed and dispatched (even though the website says no dispatch on Saturdays??). I assumed that maybe it was a mistake and it would be dispatched on Mon and arrive on Tues, but I’ve not had any other emails about it and nothing has arrived. I’ve sent an email about it, but I know that it might take a while to get a reply, and I’m just panicking a bit as I’m actually moving to a new city this weekend and don’t want to miss it!

@Tim_Huel - is there any way to check if my order was actually dispatched and is on its way? I’ve had to have no Huel for the last few days as I haven’t found anything else I like to mix it with :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ve just received an email from Charlotte at Huel confirming that the order has been sent, but it is via Royal Mail so might take a bit longer than usual. Panic over, hopefully it arrives before the weekend!

Are you moving from or to Velo? And will you need to change your username if the former?

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Some interesting parsing there :joy:

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I can be relied upon to put the arse in parse.