Didn't receive my flavour boost test packs

Hi, so I ordered my first flavour boost test packs (i ordered 2) but i didn’t receive either of them. On the label on the box it does say that i was meant to get both of my boost test packs. I have emailed about what has happened but I’m not sure on what to do next.

I’m looking forward to trying Huel and hope to see my progression on weight lose with using Huel and going to the gym.

I think if they don’t send the products you order it will help weight loss. Really lucky punters just get an empty box; a scoop and a shaker.

It’s a joke, I’m sure they will sort it all out shortly - Huel customer service is very good.


Hi there, thanks for raising this and I’m really sorry that you haven’t received your Flavour Boosts. We briefly went out of stock but you should have received a note in your box explaining that they are on their way? Could you take a look through the box just to ensure you haven’t received this note?

Rest assured they are on their way soon!

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I didn’t receive a note but I sent an email and they were very apologetic and are sending them. Thank you for your help.

You’re not alone, I’ve just arrived home from work excited to open my parcel however I did not receive them either.

There wasn’t a note, and it was not ticked off the list in the box.

Really pleased with the rest of it though, can’t wait to start in the morning.

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I emailed them and they are sending them out as they went out of stock. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, again really sorry about this folks. We did go out of stock briefly after a large uplift but we’re back on track now. I believe that all orders placed before 2pm Wednesday would have received a note, but orders between 2pm Wednesday and 8am Thursday wouldn’t have because there was a message on the website to caveat. Everyone that ordered Flavour Boost Samples and didn’t receive them will be sent them separately.

There’s no need to email customer service if this is the case for you. We know everyone that didn’t receive them and will send them out separately. We’re on it!


Neither do I!