Hi just placed my first order

Im not new to Huel as I brought from a friend and have used for a week
After a bit of turbulence everything settled down and I quite enjoy Huel.

From reading a few of the forum topics I have noticed that the admin monitor closely the threads.
Maybe admin could reply to a small order issue. I place my order on my Samsung galaxy phone.
But was not offer the reduction on the flour samples. This may have been as I order one and expected to get another at the reduced rate. This never happened maybe as I was using my phone and not a computer.

Any how hello to everyone from me.

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Hi there, thank you for the message. Great to hear that you’ve been getting along well and are settling in after a week. Sorry that you didn’t receive the offer of our £1.50 flavour boosts. The pop up will only appear if you are purchasing ≥£40 worth of Huel - i.e. Huel Powder (Original, GF and Professional). The reduction is due to the lack of delivery required, whereas if you only had a Flavour Boost in your basket there would be additional delivery required.

Does that make sense? Equally it could have just been a lag with the pop up. If so I’d love to help you out :slight_smile:

Interesting post, as I had the same issue.

I ordered via my Galaxy phone after seeing the advert on my Facebook app.

I think I came out and went back in for the correct price to appear.
Later a pop up appeared asking if I wanted to add the sample.
I wanted 2 so I went back to update the cart. I had expected £4.50 to appear but only £3 was added.

I put the order through and paid but after all that only one sample pack arrived. I went back to check my order and found only 1 sample pack had been ordered.

I was a bit disappointed however, as I hadn’t been over-charged I didn’t bother to persue it.

All the best,


You don’t get that issue with iPhone, just Samsung Galaxy, according to customer feedback survey (100% from 2 respondents). You need to change your phones…I’ll swap them for some short dated Huel bars and a bag of potatoes.


If you already have the full price Flavour Boost in your basket it won’t update after adding the discounted one. This is just a plugin we use and it isn’t as smart as that. You have to add the product that comes with the discount popup because technically they are two different products, just one is hidden on the website.

We do try to make the discount obvious on the main product page in bold text, but appreciate this can still be missed.

However, once the discounted flavour boost is in your basket you can remove the full price one and increase the £1.50 one to as many as you want and still get the benefit of the 50% off.

Using Samsung Galaxy on Chrome and didn’t have an issue:

This is not a forum to discuss the pros and cons of Android vs iOS

Hi thanks for the reply Tim and the internet is very slow where i am working so could put it down to that.
And Ill take you up on the offer for my next purchase
As for iPhone or Samsung best we don’t go there hahaha.

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Team Samsung since the first Galaxy! I ordered on my s5 and had no issues with getting the flavour pouches. Was glad to try them in smaller sizes as there weren’t any that I would buy full size, so it’s great to be able to try one of each before making your mind up if you like them or not :slight_smile:

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