Sample taste sachets

I have my next delivery coming soon, I want to add the sample sachets that are now in stock, will I get free delivery please…

I cannot add flavour boosts to my order?

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Maybe email customer services

Thanks, I did and got good result…xx

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Sorry for missing this one, glad this was resolved :slight_smile:

FYI for others: Orders over £20 include free delivery, any less and delivery to mainland UK is £3.80 for the Flavour Boost Sample Sachet.

I previously wanted the samples, when I first ordered Huel, but you didn’t have any. I am expecting another order this week, so I wanted them delivered with the order as if you spend over £20 you get free delivery, so I wanted to add them to this delivery. My first order was £69 and my second order will be the same. That is why I thought I had free delivery with this item. I am aware how much it would have cost as a one off delivery.

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That’s worse than PIN number. No Xmas card for you.

It makes financial & environmental sense to include small orders with larger ones, where possible, for both you & the customer. Merging is simply more efficient for everyone. As I understand it, it isn’t currently possible to add a one-off order to a regular subscription order, other than by contacting customer service directly.

I know you don’t want to allow the samples to be added as a regular item to a subscription. I think this is a silly restriction. You’re trying to abuse the ordering process to micromanage how your customers use what they buy from you. This creates a conflict where none is necessary. Appropriate pricing should be enough to achieve the level of control you need. Just my opinion though so I’ll assume this isn’t up for change.

Thankfully you can ignore this issue & still fix the bigger problem of merging orders by allowing a delivery option in the order process of “ship with next subscription”. It’s a simple software only fix with no negative impact on any aspect of the business.

I know Huel are motivated in large part by a desire to contribute to a culture of sustainability. I know Huel appreciate the major role products’ shipment plays within this. Please make it a priority to make this small improvement; everyone benefits.


I am so sorry, that was awful. I want to edit it now but feel like after being called out I deserve to hang my head in shame.

You make some really good points here Michael, thanks. I think as a brand that already uses plastic packaging we should be restricting unnecessary purchases of these sample sachets. If we weren’t, at the very least, it would raise some eyebrows as to how much we really want to reduce our environmental impact. Perhaps once we make these sachets biodegradable we will rethink this strategy.

The addition of one off items into subscriptions is nothing to do with this though and actually just because currently our subscription system doesn’t allow it. It’s either add it to your subscription forever (and fuss around with manually adding and removing), or not at all. So we restrict items that are clearly one time purchases - no one needs a new shaker every four weeks.

I’m certain this has been considered, as we get bigger as a company we will employ more developers who will have more time to streamline this. Thanks for raising.

Very good point. As someone who’s been ranting in other places about single use plastics needing to go I should have thought of that one. Made me cringe at myself so touché :slight_smile:

Yeah, I didn’t think it would be a new idea; just wanted to add another voice. I like to think of myself as the moral equivalent of scabies.