Suggestion: Free flavour boost sample pack with first orders

Suggestion: Free flavour boost sample pack with first orders…


Very good call. Beneficial for both parties I’d guess.

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The extra £1.50 with a first order isn’t something I object to, though I didn’t get to try it as they were sold out at the time.

I did this and trying all the flavours at the moment! I think I preferred the plain Vanilla to most…! But the banana one is nice for breakfast!

It’s not a bad idea! I’d have to find out from the money people whether we could do that. The Flavour Boost samples are just £3 but this can be reduced to £1.50 if you are buying Vanilla or Unflavoured - which isn’t half bad!

But it may well be in our interest in time to make sure all first time customers get the Boosts for the ultimate first experience!


I totally agree with this. Tell the money people that it is likely to encourage sales of the larger flavour packs going forward :slight_smile:

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I can confirm this. I had no intention of buying any flavourings until my boyfriend ordered them to see if they would make him like the taste of Huel. (they didn’t…)

But after trying them I ended up ordering some, and Huel made more money from me!

It would be a great idea. As a result of picking up a sample pack at the Huel meet and great I’ve just placed an order for two flavour packs. There’s no way I would have risked wasting £7.50 on a flavour that I might not like. I think the sample pack would easily pay for itself: speculate to accumulate…

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