Huel - sample packs


I’ve just started with Huel, and have 2 bags of Vanilla. So far loving it - and think it’s great!

I’m interested in the other flavours, but don’t really want to commit £20+ for one bag, just to test them. It’s a lot to waste if I don’t like the flavour!

Do you supply sample packs? I’d happily pay a small amount (£2/3 per portion) for these, maybe they could be designed to be one-portion (3 scoops) worth? Or I wouldn’t mind paying £20 for a full sample set of all 6 flavours, for example…

I notice you do samples for the flavour boosts, before committing to a whole pack.


Hi Ben, welcome to the forum. Sadly, Huel don’t do samples, other than the flavour boosts.

Unflavoured is probably the best to try next as you can add many things to it even if you don’t like the basic taste? Things like fresh/frozen fruits, spices (thinking cinnamon or nutmeg for starters), peanut butter, coffees/cocoa. Plenty to try :yum::wink:


I love mixing it with peanut butter but you need a mixer and to wash it after with soap… Its a little pain…

Sounds good for the evening snack, guess I need to get myself a mixer.

The mixer is worth it if you like to mix a lot of things or you like to prepare big amounts of Huel, like for all the day

Yeah, even if it is just for 1L shakes that don’t fit in the standard shaker.
Would be rather convenient.

Ben FYI you can search the forum for “sample packs” - I have a feeling it’s come up one or ten times before and there’s some pretty good reasons they’re not a thing

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