I can’t purchase


Anyone else experiencing problems shopping online at Huel UK today?

I’m trying to restock, and whilst I can login and view my account, once I make up a basket and go to the secure checkout it asks me to re-login and doesn’t accept my login details (which worked a second ago on the main part of the site).

Just me or everyone?

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You using US instead of UK site without realising or vice versa?

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Haha I’ve done that! US instead of UK, got myself in a right pickle :laughing::laughing::joy:

Are you using the same email address as you’re using here? I can’t find an account under that email address which makes me think you aren’t on uk.huel.com (which I believe is the correct site for you). If you place an order using the same email address as your account is set up with then it will all sync up, no need to log in first. Let us know if that works!

I have had the same problem, on Tuesday I ordered, after much hassle with the same issues, and now my package has arrived, minus the sample packs that I ordered, and I’ve tried to chase this up, but I too was told I didn’t have an account, but how can this be if I have a package in front of me.
I’ve tried to email only to be told that I don’t have an account.
Maybe a system problem this week?

@violet94 Could you update us with your progress here? Would love to help if I can.

@Zombiemonkeylee Sorry that you haven’t received your Flavour Boosts, I see that you’ve chatted with Charlotte and it seems that the Flavour Boost samples weren’t added to your order, or at least they aren’t on the order summary. You can easily add these to your subscription though.

You don’t require an account to place an order (single purchase or subscription), you can do this after your order if you want to manage your subscription by using the same email address and then it will all sync up for you.

Head here, hit “Create Account” and you’ll be away. Let me know if you need any other help!