Can't purchase


Anyone else experiencing problems shopping online at Huel UK today?

I’m trying to restock, and whilst I can login and view my account, once I make up a basket and go to the secure checkout it asks me to re-login and doesn’t accept my login details (which worked a second ago on the main part of the site).

Just me or everyone?



Hi there, really sorry for the issues here. Usually this is to do with trying to log into a different website (US, Germany or similar) when wanting to log in to the UK, but I see that this isn’t the case for you (do double check the flag in the top right of the screen to ensure you’re on the UK site.

I’ve passed your email address across to the customer service team to take a look at for me. In the meantime would you be able to give this another on a different device/browser?

Sorry about this.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for looking into this for me. I managed to place the order by just avoiding creating an account, although the system is probably a little bit confused as I ordered a subscription which it obviously now wants me to set-up an account to manage future subscription orders.

I did try placing the order through Chrome rather than Safari (which is what I was using first off) - with exactly the same result.

I have some Huel to keep me going, Hopefully whatever gremlin has worked its way through by the time I need to re-order! And maybe customer services will find something awry.

Kindest regards,