I can't get past the purchase page

Hi peeps, I’m trying to restock but I can’t get past the page where you enter all your details. When pressing the continue button nothing happens. This happened a few days ago too…I don’t want to waste away through lack of sustenance. :sob: I’m skinny enough already!

Hi Geoffr70,

The button just doesn’t work? Do you have any extensions that could be blocking scripts or anything like that? What platform are you trying to buy Huel on?

And a small one, have you entered your county you live in? That held me up a little bit once…

Hi Gulliver, I tried buying on IE from my laptop. I don’t really know about scripts or anything like that. I have entered the country. I have just tried on my iPhone and it’s the same, I press the continue button after having entered my details, and nothing happens.

Hi geoff,

The only times I’ve been unable to continue with my testing are when I’m adding invalid discount codes, not putting in the county (like Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire etc), or not entering my email address correctly. I’m sure you’ve got these right, but I’m just trying to figure out whats happening on your end!

Hi Gulliver, problem solved! I was using ‘&’ instead of ‘and’ in Tyne and Wear. Huel ordered now!

Thank you!